Lipid Analysis

Lipids and their metabolism play a vital role in the physiology of cells, tissues, and organs. Therefore, the development of efficient and rapid lipid analysis methods has become more and more important. At CD BioGlyco, we provide high-qaultiy analysis services of monoacylglycerol (MAG), diacylglycerol (DAG), triacylglycerol (TAG), sterol, phospholipid (PL), and neutral lipid (NL) through various strategies.

What Is Lipid?

Lipids and their metabolism play a vital role in the physiology of cells, tissues, and organs. Lipids are a class of bio-organic molecules that are hardly soluble in water but easily soluble in non-polar solvents. The lipid molecules in cells are roughly divided into three categories: non-polar lipids (including cholesterol, cholesterol esters, and triglycerides), polar lipids (including PLs, sphingolipids, and glycolipids), and lipids metabolites (substances produced by lipid synthesis or hydrolysis).

Basic morphology of lipid droplets.Fig.1 Basic morphology of lipid droplets. (Onal, 2017)

Lipids are not only the skeletal components and energy storage substances of the cell membrane, but also participate in many important functions of the cells. The main lipids involved in the construction of biological membranes are PLs, glycolipids, and cholesterol. In medicine, it has been proved that many major human diseases are related to lipid metabolism disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and some infectious diseases. In plants, lipids have been found to participate in processes such as photosynthesis, stomatal movement, signal transduction, cell secretion, vesicle transport, and cytoskeleton reorganization. In addition, some plant growth and development processes also require lipid participation, such as seed germination, organ differentiation, leaf senescence, and pollination.


Advantages of Us

  • Processing and analysis of various samples
  • Advanced instruments
  • Rigorous experiment process and detailed analysis report
  • 24 hours after-sales service


  • Research the pathogenesis of the disease
  • ADiscovery of biomarkers
  • Drug target discovery and new drug development
  • Optimization of fermentation conditions

CD BioGlyco has accumulated extensive experience in lipid analysis. If you have special needs in lipid analysis, please feel free to contact us.


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