About Us

About Us

CD BioGlyco is a sub-brand of CD Bio Group. We offer a full range of glycobiology-related products, analysis, custom synthesis, and design to advance your glycobiology research. We have provided professional and reliable scientific research assistance to customers from all over the world and received a lot of appreciation.

Quality and efficiency are our criteria to evaluate ourselves. Our experienced scientists provide quality services using a large number of advanced instruments. We do not subcontract services in order to guarantee high-quality standards.

Why Choose Us

With innovative perspectives on the design and analysis of glycobiology and other studies, CD BioGlyco's unparalleled expertise will help reduce client’s time and cost for the drug development process. To accelerate this process, we believe customization, sharing accessible resources, and a team of different backgrounds will be the key.

About Us

CD BioGlyco is a world-class biotechnology company with offices in many countries. Our products and services provide a viable option to what is otherwise available.

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