Fucose-binding Lectin Production Service

Fucose-binding Lectin Production Service

Fucose-binding Lectin Production Services at CD BioGlyco

Lectins are categorized into two main types: Natural Lectins and Recombinant Lectins, different lectins have different advantages. At CD BioGlyco, we offer various types of Lectin Production Services to meet the needs of our clients. Among them, fucose-binding lectin is a recombinant lectin with a wide range of biological activities, and we offer a full range of its production, Purification, and analysis services.

  • Production of fucose-binding lectins

Firstly, we use the crystal diffraction technique to determine the fucose binding site of specific lectins. Then, we use bacteria as the host, construct expression vectors, and α-link fucose to the terminal amino acid residues of the lectin to obtain the fucose-binding lectin.

  • Purification of fucose-binding lectin

We use Gel Filtration Chromatography to purify fucose-binding lectin. The fraction with higher absorption peaks is collected and dried. Then, it is purified for a second time using sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). Finally, we get high-purity fucose-binding lectin.

  • Analysis of fucose-binding lectins
    • Structure and molecular weight analysis
      We test the subunit structure as well as the total molecular weight, and subunit molecular weight of fucose-binding lectin using glycan arrays and SDS-PAGE.
    • Agglutination activity test
      Test the agglutination activity of fucose-binding lectin on animal erythrocytes and bacteria using hemagglutination.
    • Sugar binding assay
      Different sugar solutions are added to the lectin samples, and each mixture is analyzed for affinity between the lectin and the sugar, and the inhibitory activity of the sugar on the lectin, with a lectin-immobilized column.
    • Stability analysis
      The agglutination activity of fucose-bound lectin is tested at different temperatures and different pH values to obtain the thermal and acid-base stability of the lectin.

Fig.1 Fucose-binding lectin production service content. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.1 Fucose-binding lectin production service content. (CD BioGlyco)


  • Fucose-binding lectin is used to identify glycoprotein biomarkers for cellular carcinoma.
  • The binding site of fucose-binding lectin plays an important role in epithelial repair, so it is used to research key mechanisms of epithelial repair.
  • Fucose-binding lectin is used to research a variety of immune activities, such as regulation of inflammation, cell proliferation, and host-microbe interactions.


  • We have a dedicated lectin production team capable of producing all types of lectins.
  • We offer custom production solutions to our clients.
  • We have excellent process development and optimization techniques.

CD BioGlyco provides custom experimental solutions for the different research needs of our clients. We have first-class experimental equipment and experienced researchers to provide professional lectin production services. Clients can contact our staff directly and we will reply promptly. Please feel free to contact us for more details if you are interested in our services.


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