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Digitoxin is extracted from the leaves of the plant Maodiwa. It is a long-acting cardiac glycoside drug that enhances myocardial contractility, slows heart rate, and inhibits conduction. CD BioGlyco provides tailor-made digitoxin analysis services with our rich experience in Pharmaceutical and Biological Analysis. In addition, digitoxin is often used in various research applications in the form of digitoxin injection and digitoxin tablets, and CD BioGlyco also provides digitoxin injection and digitoxin tablet analysis services to clients.

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  • Identification
    • Thin layer chromatography (TLC): We dissolve the sample to be tested and the digitoxin standard in an organic solvent and spread them on a thin layer plate using the same spreading agent. Then we use ultraviolet (UV) light to identify whether the sample is digitoxin or not according to the position of the spots on the thin layer plate.
    • Spectroscopy: We determine the retention time of the main peak in the spectrogram of the sample to be tested and the retention time of the main peak in the spectrogram of the digitoxin standard. If the retention times agree, then the sample is digitoxin. This method can also be used to identify digitoxin injections and digitoxin tablets.
  • Loss on drying
    Digitoxin is placed in a vacuum at high temperature for drying and the mass of digitoxin before and after drying is weighed to calculate its loss on drying.
  • Content analysis
    Spectrophotometric method: The sample of digitoxin to be tested is separated and purified using a chromatographic column, and the absorbance of the purified sample is measured by UV-visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometry. Finally, the content of digitoxin can be obtained according to the value of absorbance.
    We test digitoxin injection and digitoxin tablets using the same method. It is worth noting that a mobile phase is used to dilute and dissolve digitoxin injection and digitoxin tablets before testing.

Fig.1 Digitoxin analysis services. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.1 Digitoxin analysis services. (CD BioGlyco)

Publication Data

Technology: Fluorescence analysis, Molecular dynamics simulation

Journal: Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences

IF: 5

Published: 2023

Results: In this paper, the authors have researched the binding of lysozyme to digitalis toxin and explored the ability of lysozyme to act as a carrier. Upon fluorescence analysis, the authors found that there is a strong interaction between lysozyme and digitalis toxin, which is mainly due to hydrophobic forces. Furthermore, digitalis toxin slightly affected the secondary structure of lysozyme by causing partial unfolding of lysozyme. Preferred binding sites for digitalis toxicosides within lysozyme are the large cavities of the protein. Rather, the authors also utilize molecular docking experiments to determine the primary role of hydrophobic forces in binding. And finally, the authors have calculated and discussed the frontier molecular orbitals for free digitalis toxicoside and complexation with lysozyme. Molecular dynamics simulation studies have shown that the second conformation promotes structural stability, reduces flexibility, and enhances the densification and folding properties of lysozyme compared to the first and third conformations of the digitalis toxin-bound lysozyme complex. Overall, the research suggests that lysozyme can serve as a potential carrier for digitalis toxin in pharmaceutical formulations.

Fig.2 Docking poses of lysozyme with digitoxin: first (A), second (B), and third conformations (C). (Ali, et al., 2023)Fig.2 Docking poses of lysozyme with digitoxin: first (A), second (B), and third conformations (C). (Ali, et al., 2023)


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  1. Ali, M.S.; et al. Probing the interaction of lysozyme with cardiac glycoside digitoxin: experimental and in silico analyses. Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences. 2023, 10.
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