Custom Cyclodextrin Synthesis

Custom Cyclodextrin Synthesis

As a leading provider in custom cyclodextrin synthesis, CD BioGlyco has accumulated many years of successful experience in the custom synthesis of a wide range of cyclodextrins and cyclodextrin derivatives. Our first-class experimental capabilities and advanced experimental platforms allow us to provide our customers with high-quality and high-purity products.

Function of Cyclodextrins

Cyclodextrins are naturally occurring compounds composed of a large ring of glucose subunits. Cyclodextrins have multiple functions of improving the bioavailability of the drug and facilitating delivery, eliminating odors, intensifying the enzymatic conversion of lipophilic substrates, reducing aggregation, and enhancing emulsification and moisture resistance. They are extensively used in fields of food, pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, cosmetics, chemical industries, and agriculture.

Cyclodextrins are prepared by treating starch with cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase (CGTase) and α- amylase. The product of the conversion results is commonly a mixture of three main types of cyclodextrins and the purification of different cyclodextrins takes advantage of the different water solubility of the molecules. It has been reported that dedicated enzymes can produce alpha-, beta- or gamma-cyclodextrin specifically, which is very valuable especially for the food industry.

Structural  scheme and geometric dimensions of cyclodextrins. Fig.1 Structural scheme and geometric dimensions of cyclodextrins. (Zl, 2021)


Equipped with professional technicians and advanced experimental platforms, CD BioGlyco offers clients high-quality custom cyclodextrin synthesis service in a short time with competitive pricing. The services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Offering formulation development service and synthesis optimization.
  • Custom synthesis of cyclodextrins and cyclodextrin polymers.
  • Custom synthesis of cyclodextrin derivatives, including cyclodextrin ether derivatives, cyclodextrin ester derivatives, bridging cyclodextrins, cyclodextrin cross-linked polymers, etc.
  • Modification of cyclodextrins by chemical and enzymatic engineering methods. The chemical methods mainly involve the introduction of new functional groups to the cyclodextrin molecules through chemical reactions such as etherification, esterification, oxidation, etc.
  • Providing analytical services to characterize products of cyclodextrin.


  • Management and improvement of ecological environment
  • Improvement of drug properties of pharmaceutical preparations
  • Research on the high polymer synthesis application
  • Functional study of cyclodextrins in various fields

Advantages of Us

  • Optimal synthesis route and conditions
  • High-quality purification services of products
  • Comprehensive structural analysis technology platforms
  • Detailed after-sales service

CD BioGlyco has vast experience in the production of cyclodextrin and cyclodextrin derivatives through various process routes, supported by sensitive analytical tools to characterize the products. Our professional services have brought convenience for our global clients in the research of cyclodextrins. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.


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