Synthesis Process Development and Optimization

Synthesis Process Development and Optimization

Developments in custom synthesis hinge on the development of robust, repeatable, and scalable processes. CD BioGlyco’s extensive process development and optimization capabilities enable us to offer our partners custom synthesis at an attractive cost. We are confident to be your scientific assistant in the field of glycobiology.


Synthesis Process Development and Optimization

The presence of multifunctional groups and stereocenters in complex carbohydrates and glycoconjugates makes them challenging targets for organic chemists and biologists. In contrast to developments in the preparation of peptides and oligonucleotides, research in the chemical synthesis of carbohydrates has progressed slowly and robust, automated methods have yet to be established. Generating the desired regioselective and stereospecific glycosidic bonds is the major obstacle in the large-scale custom synthesis of carbohydrates and glycoconjugates.

Over the years, a variety of synthetic methods, such as solid-phase synthesis, one-pot synthesis, cascade multienzyme synthesis, and chemo-enzymatic synthesis, have been well established to prepare structurally well-defined glycans. However, the development of simplified and widely used synthetic procedures remains a challenge because of the complicated structures and inherent chemical properties of glycans and glycoconjugates. Therefore, the synthesis process needs to be further developed and optimized to establish more synthetic routes with high stereoselectivity and economic efficiency.

Our Services

CD BioGlyco has established diverse synthetic strategies for a wide range of compounds, such as glycans, glycolipids, and glycosyl donors. We have been working on the development and optimization of synthetic procedures for many years. We carefully design and optimize synthetic routes and review all possible synthetic routes to find the most suitable preparation conditions for the efficient synthesis of structurally defined compounds.

Moreover, in order to avoid the discovery of impurities at a later stage of product manufacturing, we usually perform purity determination and product stability testing at an early stage, which ensures the final synthesis of high purity carbohydrate products. In the past few years, we have helped many customers achieve the custom synthesis of a wide range of substances, including carbohydrates, glycolipids, glycopeptides, glycoproteins, glycoconjugates, glycosides, glycosyl donors, cyclodextrins, rhamnolipids, etc.


  • Research on cell identification and interaction
  • Application in biopharmaceuticals
  • Potential pharmacological target discovery

Advantages of Us

  • Advanced synthesis technology platforms
  • Optimized synthetic process
  • Experienced and well-trained researchers
  • Reliable and cost-effective

CD BioGlyco focuses on developing and optimizing synthesis processes according to customer-specific requirements to help them conduct scientific research efficiently. All our services are customer-oriented and we are constantly working to optimize our services. If you need scientific help, please feel free to contact us.


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