Endothelin Receptor

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
X23-12-YM1326 Tezosentan
X23-12-YM1348 Darusentan
X23-12-YM1408 Macitentan (N-butyl analogue)
X23-12-YM1440 Aprocitentan
X23-12-YM493 Zibotentan
X23-12-YM499 Bosentan
X23-12-YM521 Ambrisentan
X23-12-YM524 Avosentan
X23-12-YM543 Macitentan
X23-12-YM561 Sitaxsentan sodium
X23-12-YM728 Endothelin mordulator 1
X23-12-YM751 RO462005
X23-12-YM793 PD-159020
X23-12-YM837 Atrasentan
X23-12-YM897 BQ-788
X23-12-YM904 Endothelin-2, human
X23-12-YM906 Bosentan hydrate
X23-12-YM915 Atrasentan HCl
X23-12-YM980 BQ-123

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