Carbohydrate-based Anticoagulant Glycomedicine Development

Carbohydrate-based Anticoagulant Glycomedicine Development

CD BioGlyco is a world-leading independent biotechnology platform, focusing on high-quality innovative services related to glycobiology. CD BioGlyco has professional glycomedicine development teams with multiple world-leading technologies to help customers comprehensively promote the development of carbohydrate-based anticoagulant glycomedicine.

Anticoagulant Effect of Heparin and Heparin Mimetics

Heparin/heparan sulfate, a member of glycosaminoglycans, is well known for its anticoagulant activity and has been used as an anticoagulant drug for more than 70 years in clinical practice. Heparin, with its high content of sulfo and carboxyl groups, is a polyelectrolyte, having the highest negative charge density of any known biological macromolecule. It is becoming clear that the biological functions of heparin are mediated by the heparin-protein interactions. Heparin-binding proteins typically contain large numbers of basic residues, such as lysine, arginine, and in some cases histidine.

Although heparin is highly effective and inexpensive, it has several undesirable qualities as a therapeutic. Anticoagulants based on heparin are the drugs of choice in the therapy and prophylaxis of thromboembolic diseases. Heparin mimetics are synthetic and semi-synthetic compounds that are highly sulfated, structurally distinct analogs of glycosaminoglycans. These mimetics are often rationally designed to increase potency and binding selectivity towards specific proteins involved in disease manifestations. Increasingly research is focusing on the anticoagulant activities of heparin mimetics.

Fig 1. Chemical structure of tailored glycopolymers as anticoagulant heparin mimetics.Fig.1 Chemical structure of tailored glycopolymers as anticoagulant heparin mimetics. (Mohamed & Coombe, 2017)

Carbohydrate-based Anticoagulant Glycomedicine Development Services

As a leading resource provider in the glycobiology field, CD BioGlyco has various systematic services for the synthesis, modification, analysis, and activity detection of carbohydrate-based anticoagulant glycomedicine. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Modification of heparin mimetics. For example, the design of heparin mimetics by modification with sulfate groups.
  • Structural and compositional analysis of developed anticoagulant glycomedicine. such as X-ray crystallographic analyses.
  • Detection of anticoagulant activity in vitro based on activated partial thromboplastin time reagent, prothrombin time reagent and thrombin time reagent assay using an automatic coagulation analyzer.
  • Production of low molecular weight heparins, which are made from heparin by various enzymatic or chemical depolymerization processes followed by fractionation. They have an improved safety profile, a more predictable dose/activity response, and prolonged anti-thrombotic activity.
  • Synthesis of pentasaccharides, which are the minimal structure required for high-affinity binding to the protein antithrombin III (ATIII). The biological activity of these pentasaccharides was confirmed, which showed that they were not only able to bind to ATIII but also were able to enhance ATIII-mediated inhibition of factor Xa (an enzyme that catalyzes the formation of a burst of thrombin).

Advantages of Us

  • Effective development strategies.
  • Cutting-edge technology and professional research team.
  • Experienced and well-trained technicians.
  • Optimal experimental conditions.

With a first-class carbohydrate-based glycomedicine development platform and professional research teams, CD BioGlyco is committed to ensuring customer the highest level of satisfaction. Our professional research teams provide customers with high-quality carbohydrate-based anticoagulant glycomedicine development services according to their needs. If you are interested in our services, please contact us to obtain more information.


  1. Mohamed, S.; Coombe, D.R. Heparin mimetics: Their therapeutic potential. pharmaceuticals. 2017; 10(4): 78.
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