Carbohydrate-based Antiparasitic Vaccine Development

Carbohydrate-based Antiparasitic Vaccine Development

Carbohydrate antigen-based vaccines are a viable option for parasite vaccine development. CD BioGlyco has developed a specialized research platform to help clients explore preventive carbohydrate vaccine strategies against the world's major protozoan parasitic diseases. We are confident to provide you with professional services and be your essential scientific assistant in the development of carbohydrate-based vaccines.

Carbohydrate-based Antiparasitic Vaccine

Over the past years, vaccinology has made significant advances in the prevention of many viral and bacterial diseases affecting humans. However, due to the complexity of parasite biology compared with other microorganisms and the lack of understanding of the protein and carbohydrate antigens related to parasitic virulence, an effective vaccine against human parasite infection has not been successfully developed.

The key components of carbohydrate vaccines include antigens, carrier proteins, junctions, and adjuvants. Current parasite vaccine research follows the same component model in this regard. In addition to carbohydrate vaccines that can induce sterile protection against the parasite itself, vaccination against the deleterious immune response in host-parasite interactions is another effective strategy. Currently, researchers of CD BioGlyco are exploring traditional and non-traditional carbohydrate vaccines for three of the world's major protozoan parasitic diseases including malaria, toxoplasmosis, and leishmaniasis.

Fig. 1 Proposed mechanism for immune activation of T cells by glycoconjugate vaccines.Fig.1 Proposed mechanism for immune activation of T cells by glycoconjugate vaccines. (Jaurigue, 2017)

Our Services

To provide customers with safe and effective carbohydrate-based antiparasitic vaccine development services, CD BioGlyco focuses on the key components of carbohydrates vaccines. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Development of carbohydrates antigens.
  • Our advanced carbohydrate synthesis technology allows for pure, fully defined carbohydrate antigens to be used as the basis for synthetic carbohydrate vaccines.

  • Development of carrier proteins.
  • We have developed a variety of carrier proteins such as non-toxic diphtheria toxin mutant (CRM197) and keyhole limpet haemocyanin (KLH) for vaccine development studies for parasitic diseases.

  • Development of Adjuvants.
  • We typically use crude Freund's adjuvant (CFA), a powerful immunogen, as an adjuvant for candidate parasitic vaccine.

CD BioGlyco has a professional and mature antigen production technology platform. We provide various types of antigen production services. The produced antigens are used as active ingredients of candidate vaccines for vaccine development.

Leishamania parasites Antigen Production Service

L. parasite antigens are widely applied in vaccine development. The synthesis and purification of a specific antigen facilitates the assessment of its ability to elicit immune protection. CD BioGlyco provides mature and efficient L. parasite antigen production services. Moerover, we also provide customized L. parasite antigen production services. For example, L. parasite Repeating Phosphodisaccharide and Cap Oligosaccharide production services.


  • Prevention of severe malaria
  • Mitigating parasite transmission
  • Prevention of congenital toxoplasmosis
  • Prevention of cutaneous leishmaniasis

Advantages of Us

  • A research team with deep expertise
  • Powerful technology platforms and strict quality control system
  • Customer service orientation
  • High quality and cost-effective

CD BioGlyco has made great progress in parasite culture handling and carbohydrate synthesis technologies, we are confident to provide customers with services in the development of safe and effective carbohydrate-based antiparasitic vaccines. If you are interested in our services, please contact us directly for more information.


  1. Jaurigue, J.A.; Seeberger, P.H. Parasite carbohydrate vaccines. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2017, 7:248.
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