Glycan Release Service

Glycan Release Service

Glycan release is a key segment in glycomics research. CD BioGlyco has designed and developed a series of new methods for the release, purification, qualitative and quantitative analysis of oligosaccharide chains of glycoprotein. We are confident to be your essential research assistant in the field of glycobiology.


Most proteins are post-translationally, and the most important modification of many secretory and membrane-related proteins in eukaryotic cells is glycosylation, that is, the attachment of one or more glycan chains. Glycan chains of glycoprotein are mainly connected to Asn residues of peptide backbone by N-glycopeptide bond or Ser / Thr residues by O-glycopeptide bond.

The glycans attached to proteins have structural diversity, and each glycosylated polypeptide is usually associated with a population of different glycan structures, which leads to the observation of considerable glycosylation heterogeneity in many glycoproteins. Current techniques generally cannot analyze the complete glycoproteins. Therefore, oligosaccharide analysis is mainly carried out after the release of the oligosaccharides from the polypeptide. Glycan release technology is based on enzyme or chemical programming. Each technology has its own advantages, and the choice of technology will depend on the type of glycosylation and the nature and quantity of samples.

Fig.1 Characterisation of N-glycans on monoclonal antibodies. (Carillo, 2020)Fig.1 Characterisation of N-glycans on monoclonal antibodies. (Carillo, 2020)

Our Services

At present, there are still many deficiencies in the reported methods of glycan release. CD BioGlyco has developed a series of chemical or enzymatic methods for the release and purification of glycoprotein oligosaccharide chains based on the following criteria:

  • In terms of the types of glycan, the release should be non-selective.
  • The release does not cause glycan modification.
  • The peptide material should be separated from the released glycans.

Advantages of Us

  • Time-saving and competitive price
  • Optimized release procedure with a high yield of glycan chains
  • System analysis platform and detailed evaluation reports

With regard to the exploration of glycan release methods, CD BioGlyco has been trying to improve the efficiency and quality of released glycans to provide customers with scientific assistance in the development and utilization of glycoprotein resources. If you have a necessity for glycan release services, please contact us and we will respond promptly.


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