Glycobiology of Human Milk

Glycobiology of Human Milk


Glycobiology of Human Milk

Of all mammals, human milk may be the most complicated. For example, human milk contains more than 200 different saccharide molecules, which is much higher than the average number in the milk of other mammals. Nowadays, human milk glycobiology is developing rapidly, and this field plays an important role in both infant health and market applications. Breastfeeding can greatly reduce the risk of infants suffering from intestinal diseases and other infectious diseases.

Now the biological functions of many human milk saccharides have been determined, especially sialic acid and the more complicated human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs). These carbohydrates can inhibit the adhesion of pathogens to the surface receptors of their target cells, and regulate the balance of intestinal flora. Due to these indispensable functions, human milk can be reasonably regarded as an important part of the innate immune system, and breastfeeding mothers can protect their babies from diseases through this system.

The substance that plays a role in human milk involves a mixture of hundreds of glycans. These saccharides vary greatly between individuals and populations. One of the challenges is to determine the concentration of the saccharides of interest in human milk and their differences. Current and emerging research results can be translated into the actual prevention and treatment of infant diseases, as well as the development of formula milk and health products.

Sites of human milk glycan activity Fig.1 Sites of human milk glycan activity. (Newburg & Grave, 2014)

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