HMO Separation Service

HMO Separation Service

Human milk oligosaccharides are very important to the growth and development of infants. Research on HMOs can promote the improvement of infant products and the development of the healthcare industry. CD BioGlyco provides high-quality HMOs separation and analysis services, and we have confidence to be your essential research assistant in the field of glycobiology.


Human milk is the optimal food for newborn and developing infants, and its unique functions cannot be replaced by other dairy products. Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) are a type of complex mixed oligosaccharides that exist in human milk and are the third most important component in human milk. HMOs can stimulate the growth of probiotics (such as Bifidobacterium) in the intestines, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, maintain the intestinal microecological balance, promote immune development, prevent necrotizing enterocolitis, and promote cognitive development and it plays an important role in the growth and development of infants and young children. At present, more than 200 free oligosaccharides have been identified, 114 of which have characteristic structures.

HMO blueprint Figure 1. HMO blueprint (Bode, L. 2012)

Human milk oligosaccharides are extremely important for the growth of infants, therefore, a better understanding of the components of human milk can provide substantial guidance for improving infant products and promote the application of certain HMOs in the healthcare industry. At present, due to the difficulty of separating HMOs and the complicated operation, the accurate quantification of HMOs is limited, and the research on HMOs is slow.


CD BioGlyco has been focusing on human milk oligosaccharides for more than ten years. Our experienced experts and technicians can provide customers with high-quality HMOs separation services, all you need to do is to hand over the samples to us. Our technology platform includes but is not limited to the following technologies:

  • Collection of human milk samples
  • The samples obtained were immediately stored at -80°C for further analysis.

  • Sample pre-treatment
  • Remove fat and protein-containing precipitates, filter the supernatant containing oligosaccharides.

  • Ultra-performance liquid chromatography, UPLC
  • High resolution, high sensitivity and fast.

  • High pH anion exchange chromatography, HPAEC
  • High resolution, high selectivity and low detection limit.

  • Porous graphitized carbon chromatography, PGC
  • Excellent selectivity, usually requires the use of chemical reactions to reduce the reducing end of HMOs.

  • Hydrophilic interaction chromatography, HILIC
  • A new type of chromatographic separation method, overcomes the shortcomings of normal phase chromatography and reversed phase chromatography in the separation of oligosaccharides, and its solvent system has good compatibility with mass spectrometry.

  • Capillary electrophoresis, CE
  • High separation ability and sensitivity, derivatized oligosaccharides can be used in combination with fluorescence or ultraviolet detectors.

Advantages of Us

  • Combination of multiple technologies
  • Fully optimized separation route 
  • Various high-grade standards
  • Experienced and researchers and well-trained technicians
  • Cost-effective

CD BioGlyco provides customers with high-quality, one-stop, time-saving HMOs separation service. Our years of experience and expertise have won us praise from customers all over the world.

Customers can contact our employees directly and we will respond promptly. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.


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