Cell-Surface Glycan Editing

Cell-Surface Glycan Editing

Glycan Editing Perfection, Engineered with Precision

CD BioGlyco has constructed a professional and powerful Glycan Display Platform to provide clients with services related to remodeling cell surface glycans. We utilize a De Novo Glycan presentation approach to edit cell surface glycans for further functional analysis of glycans.

  • We treat cells by metabolic glycan engineering combined with protein coupling. Next, natural or unnatural defined glycan or glycomimetic structures are inserted directly into the plasma membrane to express the corresponding glycan structures on the cell surface.
  • We provide a cell surface receptor glycan chain editing method, combined with a glycan cage strategy, which utilizes the selectivity of cell surface glycan receptors to selectively "delete" and "insert" cell surface glycan chains, respectively.

In the above process, we utilize the liposome-assisted biorthogonal reporter (LABOR) strategy to enhance the selectivity of metabolic glycolabeling to cells and tissues.

At the same time, we utilize complementary bioorthogonal functional groups to label the glycans on the cell surface. The glycans displayed on the cell surface are detected by fluorescent probes, chemiluminescence, and so on.

Fig.1 The process of cell-surface glycan editing. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.1 The process of cell-surface glycan editing. (CD BioGlyco)


Technology: De novo glycan display method, Metabolic labeling, Glycan cage strategy

Journal: Angewandte Chemie International Edition

IF: 16.6

Published: 2023

Results: A de novo glycan presentation method was developed by the authors, in which both metabolic labeling and glycan caging strategies were combined to edit cell surface glycans. Such an approach enables the introduction of antigenic glycans into cancer cells to induce an immune response through antibody recruitment. Furthermore, the caging strategy prevents endogenous antibody capture of α-rhamnose, an antigenic glycan, during the introduction of the glycan to the target cell surface, and subsequent decaying successfully induces an immune response. Overall, a practical method for editing cell surface glycocalyxes under confounding conditions is presented in this research, paving the way for the development of glycan functional analysis and regulation.

Fig.2 A glycan display method combining metabolic labeling and glycan caging strategies. (Milawati, et al., 2023)Fig.2 A glycan display method combining metabolic labeling and glycan caging strategies. (Milawati, et al., 2023)


  • Cell surface glycan editing technology can be used to research the effects of precise glycan chain structures on ligand binding, signaling pathways, and other functions, providing a technological tool for receptor glycosylation-based interventions.
  • Cell surface glycan editing technology can be used as an effective tool for the development of remodeled cell surface glycan structures. It can also precisely probe the process of complex physiological activities mediated by glycans.
  • Cell surface glycan editing technology can alter cell surface glycosylation patterns to modulate receptor signaling.


  • We have a professional glycobiology R&D team to provide high-quality custom cell surface glycan editing services with targeted design of glycan editing solutions.
  • We provide a variety of cell surface glycan editing methods, such as metabolic glycan engineering, enzymatic methods, and so on, for clients to choose from.
  • We provide detailed after-sales service, application support, and real-time order status.

As a leading global supplier in the field of glycobiology, CD BioGlyco is dedicated to researching the structure, modification, and editing of glycans, among others. We achieve efficient cell-surface glycan editing through targeted design, modification, and even re-synthesis of cell-surface glycans. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Milawati, H.; et al. Practical antibody recruiting by metabolic labeling with caged glycans. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2023, 62(25): e202303750.
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