Lectin Binding Protein Microarray Services

Lectin Binding Protein Microarray Services

As a leading supplier in the field of microarrays, CD BioGlyco is committed to designing and developing various effective biological microarray products for non-clinical research and providing corresponding testing services. Our microarray test platform provides a full range of analysis and determination services for the study of lectin-related carbohydrates and glycoproteins to help our global customers conduct relevant research and reduce research costs.

Lectin Binding Protein Profiling

The lectin microarray consists of a set of lectins with unique glycan-binding properties printed on a solid support. The emergence of high-throughput glycomics technology enables lectin microarrays to simultaneously observe a variety of unique binding interactions, which has become the main method for studying glycosylation of entire samples. The most significant advantage of the lectin microarray over the glycan profile analysis method is that it only requires minimal sample preparation without releasing glycans, and can simultaneously quantitatively analyze different types of glycans on the complete biological structure. And these glycans can provide a global view of glycosylation status in their local environment. Lectin microarrays can be used to analyze precise glycosylation in various cells during cell development and differentiation to analyze cellular processes, including cell development and differentiation, cell-to-cell communication, pathogen host identification, and cell surface biomarker identification. In addition, it can quickly assess the real-time changes of surface carbohydrate epitopes and examine the dynamic effects of responses to external stimuli such as bacterial sugars. It can also be applied to the development of specific disease diagnostic biomarkers in clinical related research.

Basic procedures for lectin microarrays. Fig 1. Basic procedures for lectin microarrays. (Yu H, et al. 2020)

Service Process

Our microarray detection platform based on lectin microarray technology provides lectin conjugate analysis services. Our service process includes sample preparation, chemical labeling, microarray hybridization, and data analysis and processing. Our service can obtain high-throughput N or O glycan analysis maps from cell lysates or body fluids through lectin microarrays to quantify glycoprotein profiles. It can also be combined with mass spectrometry and other technologies to accurately analyze the structure and content of sugar chains or related glycoproteins bound by lectins. Our microarray service can be used to analyze the information of lectin-binding proteins as well as glycoprotein analysis. Lectin microarrays can be based on precise changes in protein sugar patterns, with minimal sample preparation without the need to release glycans, to ensure the true state of protein glycosylation in the tester's clinical samples. This helps to screen early patients with different types of cancers and correctly reflect some of the molecules in the body fluids of healthy, benign lesions and cancer that can be used as potential biomarkers. These characteristics make lectin microarrays very important for the analysis of precious clinical samples.

Lectin binding protein analysis service. Fig 2. Lectin binding protein analysis service.

Our Features and Benefits

  • A variety of different binding sugar modes can be observed at the same time
  • Provide information on carbohydrate composition from protein/glycosphingolipid samples
  • High-throughput, the low-cost and rapid discovery of glycan-related biomarkers

CD BioGlyco provides high-quality microarray tools and convenient detection services for studying lectin-related carbohydrate structure and glycoprotein analysis. We have a large and well-equipped team of scientists who are committed to cooperating with researchers from all over the world. By choosing outsourcing testing services, your advantage is that you do not need to consider any other expenses, such as equipment, laboratory space, supervision or management. This convenient method can quickly turn around and provide reliable results, thus saving valuable time and resources. Please contact us for more detailed information.


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This service is for Research Use Only, not intended for any clinical use.

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