Glycoprotein Structure Analysis

Glycoprotein Structure Analysis

Glycoproteins are widely used in biomedicine, but their complex structure and heterogeneity can be obstacles in research. We have developed a structure analysis platform with multiple world-leading technologies to help customers comprehensively progress in glycoprotein research. CD BioGlyco has the confidence to be your essential research assistant in the field of glycobiology.


Glycosylation is one of the most common protein post-translational modifications. It usually determines the folding and transport of proteins, and regulates almost all extracellular activities, including cell-to-cell communication and cell-matrix interactions. It has been shown that specific glycosylation changes are the key to disease progression and can have diagnostic value for multiple disease types, such as cancer and inflammation. Therefore, glycoproteins can be used as effective biomarkers for disease detection and targets for drug and vaccine development. Although glycoproteins are important, the complex structure of carbohydrates and their derivatives in biological samples makes the global analysis of glycoproteins extremely challenging.

In recent years, mass spectrometry (MS) has become a powerful tool for glycoprotein analysis. The microarray platform has also become an indispensable tool for characterizing glycan structures and studying glycosylation-related biological interactions. Although the emergence of mass spectrometry-based proteomics research provides huge opportunities for the analysis of glycoproteins, the low abundance of many glycoproteins and the heterogeneity of glycans greatly increase the technical difficulty, which requires very professional research personnel and extremely sophisticated analytical instruments. In order to overcome these obstacles, more methods have been developed in recent years, which have contributed to the comprehensive analysis of glycoproteins.

Different  strategies for glycoproteins focus on structure analysis. Fig.1 Different strategies for glycoproteins focus on structure analysis. (Struwe, 2019)

Our Services

Glycoprotein structure analysis in CD BioGlyco includes but is not limited to the following technologies.

  • Glycan profiling of intact glycoprotein. We use ESI-TOF MS combined with RP HPLC or SEC, as well as MALDI MS and CE-MS for intact glycoprotein profiling.
  • Analysis of glycopeptides. We provide ESI-MS, MALDI-MS, ETD, CID and CE-MS to analyze glycosylation sites and occupancy at the level of glycopeptides, and HPLC or HILIC are used to enrich glycopeptides.
  • Analysis of released glycans using MALDI-TOF MS to quickly analyze the released glycans and increase the ionization efficiency by glycan hypermethylation. Chromatographic methods (HILIC, RP HPLC, AE-HPLC or HPAEC-PAD) can also be used to separate labels glycan.
  • Analysis of monosaccharides. HPAEC-PAD and RP HPLC are used to analyze monosaccharides.

SARS-CoV-2 Glycosylation Profiling

CD BioGlyco combines multiple technology platforms to provide customers with accurate SARS-CoV-2 glycosylation analysis to accelerate the development of vaccines and other therapeutic agents.


  • Glycoproteins and other biomacromolecules structure & function research
  • Quality analysis and control of glycoprotein products
  • Protein stability, biological activity and immunogenicity research
  • Development of new biological drugs

Advantages of Us

  • Able to comprehensively and systematically analyze glycoproteins in complex samples
  • Combination of multiple advanced technology platforms
  • Able to process low-abundance samples
  • One-stop services

CD BioGlyco provides comprehensive glycoprotein structure analysis services to help with customers' in-depth study of the heterogeneity and function of glycoproteins. Our professional research teams are proud to provide customers with different types of analysis data according to their specific needs. If you are interested in our services, please contact us to obtain more information.


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