Custom Sialyl Lewis a Antigen Production Service

Custom Sialyl Lewis a Antigen Production Service

CD BioGlyco has developed a wide variety of synthetic methods and analytical methods to provide clients with high-quality services of sialyl Lewis a antigen. We are dedicated to sharing our clients with the highest quality professional technology in the field of glycobiology.

What is Sialyl Lewis a?

Typical tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens are two carbohydrate structures named sialyl Lewis a and sialyl Lewis x. Sialyl Lewis a (also known as CA19.9) is a tetrasaccharide, which is selectively and highly expressed on advanced adenocarcinomas including colon, stomach, and pancreatic cancers. The expression of sialyl Lewis a antigen is associated with tumor progression. A gradual increase in the amount of sialyl Lewisa was found in the colon and rectum during neoplastic transformation and progression. Moreover, it has long been considered an attractive target for active and passive vaccination. Sialyl Lewis a serves as a ligand for vascular cell adhesion molecule E-selectin/P-selectin and plays an important role in the binding of several types of cancer cells to vascular endothelium and the subsequent formation of metastases. As the result, sialyl Lewis a remains the most consolidated and used carbohydrate tumor marker.

The biosynthesis of sialylated Lewis antigens (sialyl Lewis a and sialyl Lewis x) requires first the α2,3-sialylation of Gal prior toα-1,3/4-fucosylation. ST3Gal III, preferentially acting on type 1 rather than on type 2 disaccharides, is involved in sialyl Lewis a synthesis. For the subsequent fucosylation, FucT III is the main enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of sialyl Lewis a.

Structure of sialyl Lewis a antigen. Fig.1 Structure of sialyl Lewis a antigen. (Martinez-Duncker, 2011)

Our Services

  • Synthesis of a series of sialyl Lewis a-protein conjugates that bind to ELAM-1. ELAM-1 has been recognized as a molecule involved in the adhesion of leukocytes to vascular endothelium.
  • Biosynthesis of sialyl Lewis a as a carbohydrate tumor marker.
  • Biosynthesis of gangliosides carrying sialyl Lewis a structures.
  • Chemoenzymatic synthesis of sialyl Lewis a antigen containing different sialic acid forms.
  • We provide serum diagnostic tests for sialyl Lewis a. Sialyl Lewis a is found to be useful for serum diagnosis of cancers.
  • Analysis of sialyl Lewis a using western blotting and immunoperoxidase method.
  • Quantitative assessment of cell surface expression of sialyl Lewis a using flow cytometry.

Advantages of Us

  • Customized methods of synthesis
  • Improved analytical methods
  • Strict quality control
  • Proven reliability

CD BioGlyco is one of the most reliable partners equipped with experienced scientists. We are committed to providing you with reliable products and high-quality analysis services of sialyl Lewis a antigen. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for more details.


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