Cat. No. Product Name CAS Number Inquiry
XGB928 4β-Galactobiose 2152-98-9
XGB929 Galacto-N-biose 20972-29-6
XGB930 Globotriose 66580-68-5
XGB931 B-Trisaccharide 49777-14-2
XGB932 H-Trisaccharide
XGB933 Lewis-b tetrasaccharide
XGB934 Lewis-Y tetrasaccharide
XGB935 3'-Sialyl-Lewis-a tetrasaccharide 92448-22-1
XGB936 3'-Sialyl-Lewis-X tetrasaccharide 98603-84-0
XGB937 N-Acetyl-D-lactosamine 32181-59-2
XGB938 Lacto-N-neo-tetraose 13007-32-4
XGB939 3'-N-Acetylneuraminyl-N-acetyllactosamine sodium salt 81693-22-3 (free acid)
XGB940 3'-Sialyllactose 35890-38-1
XGB941 6'-Sialyllactose sodium salt 74609-39-5

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