Diatrizoate Meglumine Analysis Service

Diatrizoate Meglumine Analysis Service

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Diatrizoate meglumine is the meglumine salt form of pantethine and is usually kept in airtight containers. It has an important role in medicine, for example, it is used as a water-soluble contrast agent. At CD BioGlyco, we provide high-quality diatrizoate meglumine analysis services to our clients based on our extensive experience in the field of Pharmaceutical and Biological Analysis.

High-quality Diatrizoate Meglumine Analysis Service at CD BioGlyco

  • Identification of diatrizoate meglumine
    • Heating method: The sample to be tested is placed in a crucible and heated, if purple vapor appears then the sample is diatrizoate meglumine.
    • Thin layer chromatography (TLC): The sample to be tested and the diatrizoate meglumine standard are dissolved under the same conditions and expanded on a TLC plate, which is illuminated with an ultraviolet (UV) lamp to compare the positions of the spots on the chromatographic plate. If the positions are identical, the sample to be tested is diatrizoate meglumine.
  • Optical rotation analysis
    A sample of diatrizoate meglumine is dissolved in water, and we test its optical rotation using a spinometer.
  • Loss of drying analysis
    Diatrizoate meglumine is dried by heating to above 100°C. Theoretically, the loss of weight does not exceed 1.0% of the weight before drying.
  • Scorch residue analysis
    Diatrizoate meglumine is cauterized and the residue is weighed. Theoretically, the weight of the residue does not exceed 0.1% of the weight before cauterization.
  • pH analysis
    Diatrizoate meglumine is dissolved in water, followed by a pH meter to test its pH.
  • Free Iodine analysis
    First, we dissolve the diatrizoate meglumine sample using a sodium hydroxide solution. Next, dilute acetic acid is added to adjust the acidity of the solution. Finally, potassium iodide solid and starch indicator solution are added to it. If the solution shows color, it means that the sample contains free iodine.
  • Free amine analysis
    We analyze diatrizoate meglumine for the presence of free amines using ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometry. Diatrizoate meglumine is dissolved in water under light-protected conditions. The presence of free amines is then analyzed by measuring its absorbance at 470 nm using a UV-Vis spectrophotometer.
  • Meglumine content analysis
    The concentration of meglumine (C7H17NO5) contained in the sample is obtained by determining the rotativity of diatrizoate meglumine at room temperature and dividing the result by 24.9.

In addition, diatrizoate meglumine is also commonly used in the medical field in the form of diatrizoate meglumine injection, which is a sterilized aqueous solution of pantothenic acid with equal molecules of glucosamine in a clear colorless to pale yellow liquid. It is worth mentioning that diatrizoate meglumine injection is analyzed in the same manner as diatrizoate meglumine described above. Therefore, at CD BioGlyco, we also analyze it in the same comprehensive manner as described above.

Fig,1 Diatrizoate meglumine analysis services. (CD BioGlyco)Fig,1 Diatrizoate meglumine analysis services. (CD BioGlyco)

Publication Data

Technology: Routine scanning (RS) and enhanced scanning (ES)

Journal: International Endodontic Journal

IF: 5.0

Published: 2020

Results: The authors immersed the teeth in hot water and liquid nitrogen to crack them. At the same time, the location of the cracks was evaluated using a surgical microscope. Then, the authors examined the cracked teeth using RS and ES modes, respectively. Among them, in ES, the authors applied diatrizoate meglumine to the tooth surface. According to the experimental results, the ES with diatrizoate meglumine could detect more crack lines in both scanning modes. This also indicates that diatrizoate meglumine is a potential contrast agent.


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  1. Yuan, M.; et al. Using meglumine diatrizoate to improve the accuracy of diagnosis of cracked teeth on cone-beam CT images. International Endodontic Journal. 2020, 53(5): 709-714.
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