Glycobiology Microarray Platform

Glycobiology Microarray Platform

Microarray is a two-dimensional arrangement of specific biological probes (such as DNA, proteins, polysaccharides, and products or libraries of low-molecular-weight natural compounds), arranged in an addressable manner on glass slides or other substrates (such as polymer-coated glass, nitrocellulose, or plastic). It is a platform for parallel analysis of complex biological liquids in a tiny grid-like plane. Thousands of isolated biological probes with diameters ranging from 50 to 300 µm are usually arranged on the surface of the glass slide, and each spot in the array can represent a biochemical event and can be measured independently. This component allows for high-throughput multiplex analysis, usually combined with fluorescence to detect many different analytes simultaneously.

In addition to DNA and protein microarrays, there are also cell and tissue microarrays. The array combines mature cell research methods with the high-throughput screening function of microarrays, and can be used for drug screening, in vitro toxicology testing, and functional genomics research. Today, microarrays have been widely used in genome research and can be applied to various applications in the fields of biology and medicine. Microarrays accelerate the process of understanding the function of genes, proteins, and cells in living organisms. They can also be used as molecular markers for disease diagnosis, prediction, and prevention.

Fig. 1 Schematic depiction of a microarray and examples of probe molecules attached to a microarray spot.Fig.1 Schematic depiction of a microarray and examples of probe molecules attached to a microarray spot. (Brittain, 2019)

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  • Advanced developing technology and data processing methods
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CD BioGlyco provides different kinds of comprehensive microarray analysis services, which not only achieves high throughput and high accuracy but also saves costs and time for customers. We hope to start the exploration of glycobiology with you. If you are interested in our services, please contact us  for more detailed information.


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