Human Milk Oligosaccharide Microarray

Human Milk Oligosaccharide Microarray

Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) are important for infant health, but the research of the specific functions and interactions of these glycans is still limited to a large extent. The advanced HMO glycan microarray developed by CD BioGlyco is used to help our customers carry out research on glycan-binding proteins and antibodies to accelerate the progress of their projects.


Human milk contains numerous biologically active components such as hormones, immunoglobulins, oligosaccharides, and others. It provides an ideal nutritional balance for infants. HMOs are the third most abundant solid component in human milk, after lactose and lipids. They are a complex group of structurally and biologically diverse indigestible glycans that are unique to human milk. They protect newborns from infection and disease, build healthy intestinal bacteria, and are important for the development of the infant's brain, gut, and immune system.

Given the significance of HMOs to infant health, a growing number of researchers have carried out studies to determine their protein receptors in humans and those associated with bacterial and viral pathogens. Currently, the shotgun and defined human milk glycan (HMG) microarrays developed by Cummings and colleagues represent the primary technique for assessing the HMO-binding specificities of lectins.

Fig. 1 Structural diversity of HMOs. (A) Simple HMOs. (B) Structural diversity of multiantennary HMOs.Fig.1 Structural diversity of HMOs. (A) Simple HMOs. (B) Structural diversity of multiantennary HMOs. (Prudden, 2017)

Our Services

CD BioGlyco provides HMO microarray technology services for the study of glycan-binding proteins and antibodies to deeply understand the functions of HMOs and their binding partners. We use a chemoenzymatic synthetic method to develop a library containing multiple HMOs to provide a set of targets with significant structural diversity, and the library is immobilized on microarray slides for high-throughput screening. We screen with carbohydrates to identify proteins involved in inflammation and disease, followed by using in vitro models to examine the therapeutic efficacy of identified leads, providing valuable information forin vivo animal studies and preclinical development.


  • Biological evaluation and preclinical development
  • Study on structure-activity relationships
  • Early pharmacological screening
  • Development of anti-inflammatory therapeutics

Advantages of Us

  • Sensitive and high-throughput approaches
  • Use a minimum sample size
  • Rapidly and reliable
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple samples

As a biotechnology company with many years of successful experience in the glycan microarray industry, CD BioGlyco has developed sensitive high-density arrays to make the research of HMOs efficient and simple. If you need HMO microarray services, please contact us directly and we will get back to you promptly.


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