Glycomedicine Development: Targeting Disease-related Changes in Carbohydrates

Glycomedicine Development: Targeting Disease-related Changes in Carbohydrates

CD BioGlyco has many years of successful experience in the field of glycobiology. CD BioGlyco has a professional carbohydrate-based glycomedicine development platform and various analysis tools that can help customers study glycomedicine development based on targeting disease-related changes in carbohydrates systematically. We have the confidence to be your essential research assistant in the field of glycobiology.

Anticoagulant Effect of Heparin and Heparin Mimetics

Regarding carbohydrates in the biological body, it is known that the expression level of specific carbohydrates changes in association with the onset of various diseases. It is often unknown whether the changes in carbohydrate structure and the onset of disease are both underlying factors, or the changes induce the symptoms of the disease. However, if the causal relationship between such changes in carbohydrate structure and onset of diseases is clarified and if the condition of individual sick patients is assessed on the basis of changes in carbohydrates for subsequent specific therapy targeting particular carbohydrates, it will be possible to treat these diseases efficiently.

Active research has been performed to investigate the causal relationship of changes to sickness and to develop valid means of treatment. Following recent advances in carbohydrate structure analysis technology, it is now considered important to develop a database of changes in carbohydrates associated with each disease.

Fig 1. Overview on targeting approaches for cancer-associated glycosylation.Fig.1 Overview on targeting approaches for cancer-associated glycosylation. (Mantuano, et al.2020)

Glycomedicine Development Services Based on Targeting Disease-related Changes in Carbohydrates

Following carcinogenesis, remarkable changes are noted in the carbohydrates of the superficial layers of cells. CD BioGlyco provides analysis services of changes in cell surface carbohydrate during the course of progression and metastasis of tumors will be useful in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors. Other than changes in carbohydrates associated with cancers, we have professional teams with multiple world-leading technologies to help customers comprehensively promote various carbohydrate changes specific to some particular diseases, including changes in IgG carbohydrates associated with rheumatoid arthritis, abnormal α-dystroglycan carbohydrates associated with muscular dystrophy, and insufficiency of O-linked carbohydrates of the hinge region associated with IgG nephropathy.

In particular, we offer services for the development of synthetic vaccines composed of sialyl Tn carbohydrates bound to carrier protein keyhole limpet hemocyanin for use in the management of metastatic breast cancer and metastatic uterine cancer. We also provide services for the development of vaccines based on glycolipids highly expressed in melanoma cells and globo-H antigens. We are committed to reducing the metastatic potential of cancer by increasing the expression of N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase III which competes with GlcNAc transferase V during carbohydrate synthesis.

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  • Customize experimental programs according to different research needs.
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In terms of glycomedicine development, CD BioGlyco has unique and advanced technology platforms. Excellent researchers and sophisticated instruments have become our powerful assistance, and we will assist you in your glycomedicine development process. If you are interested in our services, please contact us to obtain more information.


  1. Mantuano, N.R.; et al. Tumor-associated carbohydrates and immunomodulatory lectins as targets for cancer immunotherapy. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer. 2020, 8(2).
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