Anti-glycan Antibody Development

Anti-glycan Antibody Development

Anti-glycan antibodies have many applications, but their research is relatively backward compared with anti-protein antibodies. In order to promote the development of this field, CD BioGlyco has made efforts to continuously form a series of advanced and systematic technology platforms attentive to every detail in antibody development. We have confidence to be your essential research assistant in the field of glycobiology.


Antibodies have been widely used in basic research and clinical applications. Although a variety of antibodies to protein antigens have been developed, antibodies to carbohydrates are very rare. Carbohydrates are essential to many biological processes, such as cell adhesion, protein folding, and cell signaling. Abnormal glycosylation can lead to various diseases, such as cancer and congenital disorders of glycosylation. Anti-glycan antibodies are essential for locating and monitoring the expression of glycans and determining their biological effects. They can be used as agonists/antagonists, and used to purify glycans/glycoproteins, locate and monitor the expression of glycans and determine its relevance to diseases. For example, antibodies targeting Sialy Lewis A are currently used to detect and monitor many cancers. From the perspective of structural diversity, uniqueness and disease relevance, anti-glycan antibodies can greatly promote the development of glycobiology and glycomedicine.

However, determining the specificity of a particular antibody and its fit for a particular application are still problems not yet solved. CD BioGlyco has developed a series of first-class and efficient technology platforms including continuously optimized for hybridoma or phage display technologies for anti-glycan antibodies, animal models to produce anti-glycan antibodies, and superior technologies such as mass spectrometry and microarray to evaluation antibodies.

Fig 1. Anti-glycan antibodiesFig 1. Anti-glycan antibodies (Sterner, E.; et al. 2016)


Advantages of Us

  • High affinity and high specificity
  • Systematic specificity evaluation protocol
  • One-stop service

CD BioGlyco has a lot of experience in antibody development, especially anti-glycan antibody development. After continuous improvement, we have formed a unique system platform that can help customers complete scientific research projects with higher quality and one-stop.

Customers can contact our employees directly and we will respond promptly. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.


  1. Sterner, E.; et al. Perspectives on anti-glycan antibodies gleaned from development of a community resource database. ACS Chemical Biology. 2016, 11(7): 1773-1783.
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