Sucralfate Analysis Service

Sucralfate Analysis Service

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CD BioGlyco has rich experience in Pharmaceutical and Biological Analysis, so we provide comprehensive Pharmaceutical Analysis to our clients. One of them is sucralfate, which is the basic aluminum salt of sucrose sulfate, and we provide high-quality sucralfate analysis services to our clients. The analysis services we provide include but are not limited to, the following.

  • Identification of sucralfate
    • The sample is dissolved in dilute hydrochloric acid and neutralized by adding sodium hydroxide solution to it. Afterward, an alkaline copper tartrate solution is added to it, and if a red precipitate appears, the sample is sucralfate.
    • The sample is heated by adding dilute hydrochloric acid and barium chloride solution to the sample, and if a white precipitate appears, the sample is sucralfate.
  • Aluminum content analysis in sucralfate
    Complexometric titration: We will dissolve and dilute the sucralfate sample with water, and then titrate it using a zinc titrant. The titration is stopped when the color of the solution changes to red and the aluminum content is calculated.
  • Sulfur content analysis in sucralfate
    Titration: The sucralfate sample is diluted using nitric acid solution, to which buffer and acid-base indicator are added sequentially, and titration is carried out using disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate solution. The content of sulfur in the sample is calculated according to the amount of titrant added.
  • Arsenic salt content analysis
    We dissolve the sucralfate sample in dilute sulfuric acid with a bromine solution, followed by the addition of an acidic stannous chloride solution and a hydrochloric acid solution. The content of arsenic salts is calculated based on the color change of the solutions with the amount of each solution added.
  • Acidity analysis
    Dissolve sucralfate in water and test its pH using a pH meter. Sucralfate standards should have a pH of 3.5-5.5.
  • Loss of drying analysis
    The sucralfate samples are dried for some time at temperatures above 100°C and the weight loss of sucralfate is calculated. Theoretically, the weight loss of sucralfate does not exceed 14.0%.

In addition, sucralfate is often formulated to further utilize its physiological functions. Examples include sucralfate oral suspension, sucralfate dispersible tablets, sucralfate capsules, and sucralfate chewable tablets. These preparations of sucralfate are analyzed by the same process as sucralfate, and we provide our clients with their full analysis services.

Fig.1 Sucralfate analysis services. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.1 Sucralfate analysis services. (CD BioGlyco)

Publication Data

Technology: Animal model

Journal: Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine

IF: 2.6

Published: 2018

Results: The authors determined the effect of sucralfate on mucosal barrier function by developing an ex vivo model of canine stress-related mucosal disease (SRMD). The authors first applied 100 mg/mL of sucralfate to isolated canine gastric mucosa during and after acid injury. Then, trans-epithelial resistance (TER) and radiolabeled mannitol flux were measured to assess barrier function. The effective restoration of acid-induced defects in gastric barrier function and accelerated repair of acid-affected tissues in this model indicated that sucralfate could be used to treat and prevent SRMD in dogs.


  • We have proven pharmaceutical analysis technology to support comprehensive analysis of the physicochemical properties and biological activities of pharmaceuticals.
  • Our research team consists of biologists and pharmacologists who provide custom pharmaceutical analysis solutions based on our client's needs.
  • We report the progress of experiments to our clients promptly to ensure client involvement.

With specialized pharmaceutical analysis methods, CD BioGlyco provides high-quality pharmaceutical analysis services to our clients. Our services cover almost all pharmaceuticals derived from glycans. If you have any questions about our pharmaceutical analysis, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Hill, T.L.; et al. Effect of sucralfate on gastric permeability in an ex vivo model of stress-related mucosal disease in dogs. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. 2018, 32(2): 670-678.
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