Sphingolipid Analysis Services

Sphingolipid Analysis Services

CD BioGlyco has developed a complete one-stop solution for lipidomics analysis. We are committed to providing fast, efficient, and accurate sphingolipid analysis services to meet the research needs of clients in various industries.

Overview of Sphingolipid

Sphingolipid represents one of the main classes of eukaryotic lipids and is a class of amphoteric lipids that contain a backbone of sphingosine bases. Sphingolipid was first isolated from the brain in the late 19th century and named after the Greek mythological sphinx for its mysterious properties. Sphingolipid is widely found in animals, plants, bacteria, and fungi. It is an important part of the cell membrane structure. With the in-depth study of its structure and metabolism, more and more evidence shows that sphingolipid also has important biological functions, which are involved in many physiological processes, including angiogenesis, gene expression, cell proliferation, cell differentiation, migration, adhesion, aging, and apoptosis. In addition, the abnormal metabolism of sphingolipids is closely related to Fabry disease, Krabbe disease, Gaucher disease, and other diseases.

The metabolic pathways of sphingolipids exhibit complex reaction networks, regulated by various enzymes and fluxes of different metabolites. Ceramide is not only central to sphingolipid biosynthesis and catabolism but a precursor for complex sphingolipid synthesis. There are three main pathways for ceramide production including sphingomyelin hydrolysis, de novo synthesis, and salvage pathways. Synthetic ceramides are transported to the Golgi apparatus under the action of vesicles or ceramide transfer protein (CERT) to synthesize complex sphingolipids, glycosphingolipids, and ceramide-1-phosphate (C-1-P). Due to the important functional and biological significance of their metabolism and synthesis, it is necessary to develop fast and accurate sphingolipid analysis techniques.

Sphingolipid Analysis Service

Mass spectrometry (MS) is increasingly used for lipidomic analysis. CD BioGlyco has developed an advanced one-stop solution for lipidomics analysis. We provide high-sensitive, reproducible, high-resolution, and high-precision sphingolipid analysis services by Q Exactive Orbitrap-MS. Our services include but are not limited to ceramide lipid analysis, cerebroside analysis, diglycosylceramide analysis, globoside analysis, ganglioside analysis, sulfoglycosphingolipid analysis, and phosphosphingolipid analysis.

Advantages of Us

  • One-stop solution for lipid analysis
  • Q Exactive Orbitrap-MS analysis technology
  • High-sensitivity and reproducible
  • High-resolution and high-precision

CD BioGlyco is a leader in lipidomics, providing clients with first-class lipid analysis services. We are willing to share our knowledge and experience in this field. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for more details.


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