Dextran-based Biodegradable Material Development

Dextran-based Biodegradable Material Development


CD BioGlyco is a leading manufacturer of dextran and an expert in the development of dextran-based biodegradable materials. We provide global clients with tailored solutions to meet their needs for high-quality carbohydrate products and advance the development of biomaterials for tissue engineering and therapeutic agent delivery.

Dextran and Its Importance in the Biomedical Field

Dextran is a polysaccharide consisting mainly of α-1,6-linked D-glucopyranoside residues and a small amount of α-1,3-linked residues. Due to its excellent biological properties, such as good biocompatibility, low toxicity, biodegradability, and versatility, dextran is widely used in biomedical applications as an ideal biomaterial. This polysaccharide has been used clinically for many years as a plasma volume expander, peripheral flow enhancer, and antithrombotic agent.

Dextran is chosen for many biomedical applications because it is slowly degraded by human enzymes as compared to other polysaccharides and cleaved in the gastrointestinal tract by microbial dextranases. Furthermore, it has been used as a macromolecular carrier for the delivery of drugs and proteins, mainly to increase the longevity of therapeutic agents in systemic circulation. In recent years, the application of glucan in nanoscience has expanded its practical use and value. It has been used in advanced in vivo imaging techniques such as diagnostic magnetic resonance (DMR) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), as well as in photodynamic therapy (PDT).

Fig.1 Structure and oxidation reaction of dextran. (Maia, et al., 2014)Fig.1 Structure and oxidation reaction of dextran. (Maia, et al., 2014)

Dextran-based Biodegradable Material Development Services at CD BioGlyco

The high water solubility, stability under mildly acidic and basic conditions, and high density of hydroxyl groups of dextran make it suitable for derivatization and subsequent chemical and physical cross-linking. CD BioGlyco focuses on dextran as a starting biopolymer to help clients design and prepare multifunctional biodegradable dextran derivatives. Our services include but are not limited to:


  • Development of wound dressings
  • Development of delivery systems for gene therapy and protein-controlled-released systems
  • Development of scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Development of antifungal materials

As a leading provider of Polysaccharide-based Biodegradable Materials, CD BioGlyco provides clients with tailored products, services, and solutions. We help clients develop and produce dextran-based biodegradable materials that meet higher requirements with more stringent specification limits and/or additional specification parameters.

If you are interested in our business, please feel free to contact us for more details, and we will respond promptly.


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