Disaccharides-based Glycomedicine Development

Disaccharides-based Glycomedicine Development

With many years of experience in glycobiology and glycochemistry. CD BioGlyco has a professional carbohydrate-based glycomedicine development platform with multiple world-leading technologies to help customers comprehensively promote the development of disaccharides-based glycomedicine.

The Functional Properties of Disaccharides

Carbohydrates and their conjugates play important roles in many life processes including fertilization, differentiation, development, immune response, and infection. Their activities were largely dependent on the properties of terminal disaccharides. They are commonly used as powerful scaffolds installed on drug molecules for targeting specific tissues including the brain, liver, and cancers, and as epitopes for enhancing the targeting of various vaccination. Most of these effects are dependent on the carbohydrate-binding activity of proteins, providing an attractive and practical target originating from their carbohydrate-binding sites for drug design. The feasibility of carbohydrate ligands to target defined sites at protein receptors is termed "glyco-targeting".

Disaccharides are composed of two monosaccharide units linked together by a glycosidic bond. The most common glycosidic bonds connecting monosaccharide units are O-glycosidic bonds in which the oxygen from a hydroxyl group becomes linked to the carbonyl carbon. Sugars may also become linked to molecules by N-glycosidic bonds and other types of glycosidic bonds. The functional properties of disaccharides lay a theoretical foundation for the development of disaccharides-based glycomedicine.

Structure of bleomycin A5 with the disaccharide moiety highlighted in blue.Fig.1 Structure of bleomycin A5 with the disaccharide moiety highlighted in blue. (Madathil Manikandadas, et al., 2014)

Disaccharides-based Glycomedicine Development Services

CD BioGlyco has put great efforts into the development of disaccharides-based glycomedicine. We provide services of using disaccharides to construct targeted scaffolds for prodrugs, accompanied with higher stability, lower toxicity and increased water solubility. These prodrugs could be hydrolyzed by glycosidases in special tissues and also can be obtained from the linkage portion of molecules, with no other toxic groups released. Moreover, we offer synthesis services of disaccharides with biological or therapeutic functions. For example, the synthesis of lactulose (β-galactosidofructose) and lactitol (β-galactosidosorbitol) is to be administered as an oral syrup for the purpose of softening stools. In addition, we provide construction services of glycoconjugates that can selectively localize a drug at or close to its proposed site of action, which are widely accepted in drug design and smart drug delivery.

Advantages of Us

  • Time-saving and competitive price.
  • Customized technical services.
  • System synthesis and design platform.

CD BioGlyco customizes disaccharides-based glycomedicine development for customers according to your specific needs, which not only saves your time but also saves costs while maintaining high efficiency. If you are interested in our services, please contact us to obtain more information.


  1. Madathil Manikandadas, M., et al. Modified bleomycin disaccharides exhibiting improved tumor cell targeting. Biochemistry. 2014, 53(43): 6800-6810.
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