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Digoxin is an organic compound with the chemical formula C41H64O14. It belongs to the group of medium-acting cardiac glycosides, which are effective in the inhibition of several heart diseases. Digoxin is also used in pharmaceuticals in the form of injections, oral liquids, or tablets. At CD BioGlyco, we provide high-quality digoxin analysis services to clients all over the world.

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  • Status
    • Digoxin: It is a white crystal or crystalline powder, readily soluble in pyridine, slightly soluble in dilute alcohols, and insoluble in water or ether.
    • Digoxin injection: Colorless or almost colorless clear liquid
    • Digoxin oral solution: Slightly yellow clarified liquid with a slightly alcoholic odor
    • Digoxin tablets: White tablets
  • Specific rotation
    First, we accurately weigh digoxin and add pyridine to it to dissolve and dilute it. Next, it is tested using a spinometer, and the specific rotation of digoxin should be between +9.5° and +12.0°.
  • Identification
    • First, we dissolve the sample using a small amount of glacial acetic acid containing ferric chloride. Then the same volume of sulfuric acid is added to it. If the entire upper layer of the solution shows an indigo color, the sample is digoxin.
    • The infrared absorption pattern of the sample is compared with the infrared pattern of the digoxin standard. If the peak positions and intensities are the same, the sample is digoxin.
  • Content detection
    Liquid chromatography (LC): The digoxin sample is dissolved in ethanol and diluted, and then eluted with a gradient of acetonitrile and water at different volume ratios. Finally, the peak area is calculated by an external standard method to get the amount of digoxin.
  • Loss on drying
    Digoxin is dried under reduced pressure at 105°C for 1 h and we will calculate its weight loss.

Fig.1 Digoxin analysis services. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.1 Digoxin analysis services. (CD BioGlyco)

Publication Data

Technology: Homogenization test method

Journal: Biosensors

IF: 5.743

Published: 2018

Results: The authors describe an immunization-based homogeneous assay that can be used to detect digoxin concentrations in blood. It is based on the substitution reaction of DNA strands. When the concentration of the sample is higher than 10 nM, the assay can be performed in less than 30 min. Experimental results also indicate that this assay can be applied to the small molecule detection of drugs.

Fig.2 Digoxigenin and digoxin structure comparison. (Kjelstrup, et al., 2018)Fig.2 Digoxigenin and digoxin structure comparison. (Kjelstrup, et al., 2018)


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  1. Kjelstrup, M.V.; et al. A DNA-based assay for digoxin detection. Biosensors. 2018, 8(1): 19.
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