Site Occupation

Site Occupation


Site Occupation

Glycosylation is one of the most common protein post-translational modifications. At least 50% of human proteins are glycosylated. N-, O-linked glycans are required to maintain the biological functions of proteins. Insufficient glycosylation can lead to animal and plant diseases. Therefore, characterizing the degree of glycosylation on proteins is an important step in understanding the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. N-, O-glycosylation is also closely related to various biological events, including cancer metastasis, virus infection and antibody-antigen interactions, so the accurate determination of site occupancy is essential to fully understand the impact of protein glycosylation on human health. Unlike N-glycosylation, it is more difficult to analyze O-linked glycans due to the lack of universal enzymes for releasing O-glycans from proteins and the high degree of heterogeneity in their occupation.

Glycoprotein analysis requires the determination of glycosylation sites and the glycan structure associated with each site. In recent years, a wide range of analysis methods based on mass spectrometry have been developed. These methods require high resolution and sensitivity so that glycosylation sites and micro-heterogeneity information can be obtained.

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