Polysaccharides-based Glycomedicine Development

Polysaccharides-based Glycomedicine Development

CD BioGlyco is a world-leading independent biotechnology platform, focusing on high-quality innovative services related to glycobiology. CD BioGlyco has professional glycomedicine development teams with multiple world-leading technologies to help customers comprehensively promote the development of polysaccharides-based glycomedicine.

Polysaccharides and Their Health-promoting Properties

Polysaccharide molecules are high-molecular-weight carbohydrates, they are sugar polymers formed from monosaccharides. Polysaccharides differ in size and their structure varies from a simple linear to a highly branched complex form. Polysaccharides could be categorized as homopolysaccharides that comprise only one kind of sugar's residue such as starch or as heteropolysaccharides which are formed of two or more diverse types of residues of the sugar such as arabinoxylans and hyaluronic acid. By studying the characteristics of polysaccharides, we came to the point of their abundant importance.

Polysaccharides play countless significant roles in the biology of living organisms such as structural support, energy storage, lubrication, and cell signal transduction. Considering the preparation source, polysaccharides can be classified to four groups including plant polysaccharides (cellulose), microbial polysaccharides (dextran), animal polysaccharides (chitosan, nature origin obtained from the chitin of exoskeletons crustaceans and insects), and semisynthetic polysaccharides. Natural polysaccharides have attracted much attention because of their biocompatibility and biodegradability. Natural polysaccharides have numerous health-promoting properties such as antitumor, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiviral, immunomodulatory, hypoglycemic, hepatoprotective, gastrointestinal-protective, and antidiabetic properties. Also, polysaccharides and their derivatives can improve the body immunity. Polysaccharides are of great attention in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields due to their unique therapeutic properties.

Chemical modifications on polysaccharides.Fig.1 Chemical modifications on polysaccharides. (Prasher, et al. , 2021)

Polysaccharides-based Glycomedicine Development Services

As a leading resource provider in the glycobiology field, CD BioGlyco has various systematic services for the development of polysaccharides-based glycomedicine. We provide chemical and enzymatic modification services of natural polysaccharides, such as grafting initiated with free radicals, enzymatic grafting, esterification, amidation, oxidation, and sulfonation. Moreover, we offer services for the design of non-natural polysaccharide analogs having tailored biological functions and building bacteria-fighting vaccines based on polysaccharide capsules and polysaccharide-protein conjugates.

Advantages of Us

  • A comprehensive and advanced platform.
  • Experienced and well-trained technicians.
  • Synthetic polysaccharides are well defined.
  • Optimal experimental conditions.

With a first-class carbohydrate-based glycomedicine development platform and professional research teams, CD BioGlyco is committed to ensuring that every service provides the highest level of satisfaction. Our professional research teams provide customers with high-quality polysaccharides-based glycomedicine development services according to their needs. If you are interested in our services, please contact us to obtain more information.


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