Synthetically Defined Glycoprotein Vaccine Development

Synthetically Defined Glycoprotein Vaccine Development

CD BioGlyco is committed to providing a one-stop customized service in the field of glycoprotein-based vaccine development, and our advanced technology allows us to design and synthesize chemically defined glycoconjugates vaccines with higher safety and efficacy.

Synthetically Defined Glycoprotein Vaccine

By conjugating low-immunogenicity carbohydrate antigen to a protein carrier through a linker for optimal antibody responses, this approach allows for the generation of antibodies against both protein carrier and less immunogenic glycan structures, thus enabling vaccine to target carbohydrate antigens. Glycoconjugates currently play a central role in vaccination, but there are few examples of synthetically defined glyco-vaccine candidates.

Generally, even in cases where glycoproteins are synthesized in pure form, non-specific approaches are used to bind the glycoproteins to protein carriers. This leads to mixtures of glycoforms with different glycan-to-protein ratios and glycosylation sites, and potentially different immunological and pharmacokinetic properties. The recently developed frontier technologies in oligosaccharide synthesis and protein site-specific functionalization help a lot in designing and constructing chemically defined glycoproteins, to dissect the vaccine structure on immune response and produce candidate vaccines with higher safety and effectiveness.

Fig. 1 Modular approach to rationally designed synthetic vaccines.Fig.1 Modular approach to rationally designed synthetic vaccines. (Jones, 2015)

Our Solutions

CD BioGlyco has established novel cutting-edge methods to design and synthesize chemically defined glycoprotein vaccines with different carbohydrate densities, conformations and shapes, thus further improving the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Our new technologies include but are not limited to:

  • Oligosaccharide synthesis. We use strategies such as the one-pot method, solid-phase synthesis and chemical enzymatic synthesis for carbohydrates assembly, presentation of clearly defined scaffolds and the synthesis of more complex glycopeptide epitopes, to accelerate the development of synthetic vaccines.
  • Site-specific glycosylation of proteins. Site-specific strategies allow the construction of synthetically defined glycoproteins with precisely controlled epitope density and presentation. Site-specific chemical and chemoenzymatic transformations are performed under mild conditions, which are efficient, rapid, and simple to operate.


  • Development of safer and more effective vaccines
  • Understanding of antigen presentation mechanisms
  • Generation of robust immune responses

Advantages of Us

  • Strategies with high flexibility and efficiency
  • Products with guaranteed purity and uniformity
  • First-in-class technology platform
  • Detailed after-sales service

As a biotechnology company that has provided high-quality services in the field of glycobiology for many years, CD BioGlyco offers our clients powerful tools for the effective preparation and study of proteins with well-defined glycosylation patterns as vaccine candidates. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


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