Animal Lectin Production Service

Animal Lectin Production Service

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CD BioGlyco has an experienced highly educated research team, and an excellent service attitude, to provide you with a variety of animal lectin production services. Animal lectins are carbohydrate-binding proteins that are highly variable in their amino acid sequences, with different functions, structures, tissue localizations, and carbohydrate-binding specificities. Animal lectins are capable of specifically detecting or binding complex carbohydrate structures through carbohydrate recognition domains (CRDs). Our scientists are committed to expanding the demand for animal lectin applications. Whether you are interested in the functionality or biological activity of lectins, the key point is to obtain high-purity lectin.

Animal Lectin Production Service at CD BioGlyco

The production of Natural Lectin is a complex process. CD BioGlyco provides high-level Lectin Production Services to clients with better solutions for lectin extraction, purification, and optimization. The many kinds and functions of lectins need us to study the characteristics of various types of lectins and their different roles in immune defense, to play a faster and more accurate role of different lectin species corresponding to different lectin products. At CD BioGlyco, we provide the high-quality production of multiple animal lectins, including those not limited to the following lectin:

Applications of Animal Lectins

  • The lectins separate and purify the glycoconjugate and glycoproteins, and identify the oligosaccharide structure.
  • The glycosylation degree and type of cells on the surface change significantly during tumor development, and it is important to detect the type of tumor development by using lectin as probes, which is of great significance for clinical diagnosis.
  • In nutritional studies, lectin probes are applied to determine the glycosylation type of the surface of the digestive.
  • Animal lectins are used as tools for targeted transport, such as drugs.
  • Animal lectins are also used as a common magnetic separation identifier and play a key role in pathogen enrichment and isolation in the enrichment and isolation of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Lectin-conjugated microarray preparation is suitable for rapid and high-throughput differential heterogeneous glucose profiling.

CD BioGlyco is a biotechnology company highly experienced in developing lectin-related products and services. We provide clients with comprehensive natural lectin and Recombinant Lectin Production services. In addition, we also offer high-quality lectin production services from Plant and Fungal sources. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about the production of animal lectins.


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