Fucose Analysis Service

Fucose Analysis Service

Fucose Metabolism in Mammalian Cell

Fucose is a deoxyhexose sugar that is often present as a terminal modification of many N- and O-glycans. It can confer unique functional properties to oligosaccharides and play important functions in ontogenetic events and cellular interactions. In mammalian cells, nucleotide-containing fucose (GDP-fucose) is integrated into N-glycans, O-glycans, and glycolipids under the action of fucosyltransferase to modify target proteins or lipids. There are two different synthesis pathways of GDP-fucose: the de novo synthesis pathway (conversion of GDP-mannose to GDP-fucose) and the fucose salvage pathway (conversion of free fucose absorbed from outside the cell into GDP-fucose).

Fig.1 Fucose metabolism pathways.Fig.1 Fucose metabolism pathways. (Schneider, et al., 2017)

Fucose Analysis Service at CD BioGlyco

Metabolites refer to substances produced or consumed through metabolic processes. By measuring the content of metabolites, the metabolic level and health status of an organism are inferred. CD BioGlyco has developed Carbohydrate Metabolism Analysis solutions and provides clients with detection and analysis services of target metabolites in medicine, agronomy, research, and other fields. Using a large sample of natural and biological variants, we validate quantitative information on pre-confirmed metabolites or identified potential biomarkers and develop standard curves. The target metabolite content in the sample is then calculated based on the standard curve.

We provide clients with targeted metabolism analysis packages of monosaccharides, including fucose, arabinose, galactose, glucose, xylose, mannose, fructose, ribose, rhamnose, galacturonic acid, glucuronic acid, mannuronic acid, and guluronic acid. We decompose the polysaccharide into monosaccharides through acid hydrolysis, separate them through an ion exchange chromatography column, and analyze and detect the monosaccharide components with an electrochemical detector. The service details are as follows:

Tab.1 Standard list of monosaccharide packages.

NO. Name Abbreviation CAS#
1 Fucose Fuc 99-20-7
2 Arabinose Ara 147-81-9
3 Galactose Gal 59-23-4
4 Glucose Glc 50-99-7
5 Xylose Xyl 58-86-6
6 Mannose Man 69-65-8
7 Fructose Fru 7660-25-5
8 Ribose Rib 50-69-1
9 Rhamnose Rha 10030-85-0
10 Galacturonic Acid Gal-UA 6037-45-2
11 Glucuronic Acid Glc-UA 6556-12-3
12 Mannuronic Acid Man-UA 6814-36-4
13 Guluronic Acid Gul-UA 15769-56-9

Fig.2 Fucose analysis service. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.2 Fucose analysis service. (CD BioGlyco)


  • Used to determine the fucose content in plants of different species and origins, providing supporting data for further analyzing the structure of polysaccharides and understanding the structure-activity relationship.
  • Used to measure the content of fucose metabolites produced or consumed during plant metabolism to further infer the metabolic level and health status of organisms.
  • A simple, reliable, and reproducible method is used to isolate and quantify fucose in human serum to further evaluate its potential role as a biomarker for tumor screening and diagnosis.
  • Used to determine the fucose content in health products and functional foods, which has reference significance for the evaluation of efficacy.

Advantages of Us

  • Our services are suitable for determining the fucose content in samples from agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, and other fields.
  • Our fucose analysis does not require derivatization and has high sensitivity and good selectivity.
  • We use the Monosaccharide Analysis package, the content of 13 monosaccharides is measured simultaneously.
  • Our analysis method has been verified many times and is suitable for the detection of various types of samples, such as serum, extracted plant polysaccharides, etc.

As the world's leading provider of monosaccharide analysis, CD BioGlyco provides compositional, qualitative, and quantitative analysis services of monosaccharides in samples. Our extensive experience, technology, and unique global network safeguard your services. If you would like more information about our fucose analysis, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Schneider, M.; et al. Biological functions of fucose in mammals. Glycobiology. 2017, 27(7): 601-618.
This service is for Research Use Only, not intended for any clinical use.

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