Sulfoglycosphingolipid Analysis Service

Sulfoglycosphingolipid Analysis Service

CD BioGlyco has developed an advanced one-stop solution for lipidomics analysis. We dedicate to providing fast, efficient, and accurate lipid analysis services to academia and various industries.

Structure of Sulfoglycosphingolipid

Glycosphingolipids are carbohydrate-bearing lipids composed of glycoside-bound carbohydrates and hydrophobic ceramides. They are important parts of the cell membrane and play an important role in the interaction of cells. Sulfoglycosphingolipids, also known as sulfatides or glycosphingolipid sulfates, are composed of a ceramide backbone attached to a sulfated sugar "head" group such as a sulfated monosaccharide. They were first discovered in brain tissue in 1884 by lipid chemist Thudichum.

Fig.1 Structure of sulfatide.Fig.1 Structure of sulfatide. (Wikipedia)

Studies have shown that sulfoglycosphingolipids are particularly important in the brain, mainly concentrated in the substantia nigra region of the mouse brain. They are also an important part of organs such as the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, and trachea. 3'-Sulfogalactosylceramide is a sulfoglycosphingolipid synthesized in oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells. It exists on the surface of blood cells and is a component of serum lipoproteins. The researchers also characterized many other sulfoglycosphingolipids from animal tissues, such as sulfolactosylceramides, sulfoglobopentosylceramides, and more.

Functions of Sulfoglycosphingolipid

1) Sulfogalactosylceramides are the most prominent sulfoglycosphingolipids. They are synthesized in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and catalyzed by glycosylceramide sulfotransferase after being transported to the Golgi apparatus. Sulfogalactosylceramides are the main components and important structures of myelin, the lipid-insulating coating that wraps around neuronal axons.

2) Sulfoglycosphingolipids are acidic and readily soluble lipids in aqueous systems, making them negatively charged amphiphilic donors for ion transport.

3) Sulfogalactosylceramides are involved in many cellular processes throughout the body, including cell adhesion, aggregation, immune responses, and signaling.

4) Sulfoglycosphingolipids are associated with various diseases such as inflammation, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and sphingolipidosis. Elevated levels of sulfoglycosphingolipids have been found in ovarian cancer. In addition, the levels of sulfoglycosphingolipids also have changed significantly in Parkinson's disease.

Fig.2 Association with specific sulfatide-rich domains regulates the function of proteolipid protein.Fig.2 Association with specific sulfatide-rich domains regulates the function of proteolipid protein. (Grassi, et al., 2016)

Sulfoglycosphingolipid Analysis Service

Many physical properties of sulfoglycosphingolipids are similar to gangliosides. Therefore, it is feasible to use similar mass spectrometry (MS) techniques to analyze sulfoglycosphingolipids in various samples. At CD BioGlyco, we have developed a complete one-stop solution for sphingolipid analysis. We provide our clients with high-sensitivity, high-resolution, high-precision, and reproducible analysis services for sulfoglycosphingolipids by Q Exactive Orbitrap-MS and define their content in pmol & mol%. Our analytical range is 1) Total length from 30 to 46; 2) Total double bond from 0 to 2; 3) Total hydroxyl number from 2 to 4. After the project is completed, we will provide a complete project report, including sample preparation, analytical methods, instrument parameters, analytical data, and spectrum.

In addition, we also provide high-quality sulfatide products for global clients.

Advantages of Us

  • Complete quantification and identification system
  • High sensitivity, stability, and reproducibility
  • Reliable and fast analysis service
  • Detailed report including sample preparation, analytical methods, instrument parameters, analytical data, and spectrum.

With years of experience in lipidomics analysis services, CD BioGlyco provides fast and reliable analysis services of sulfoglycosphingolipid. We also offer lipid method development services according to the specific needs of our clients. If you are interested in our services and products, please feel free to contact us for more details.


  1. Grassi, S.; et al. The role of 3-O-sulfogalactosylceramide, sulfatide, in the lateral organization of myelin membrane. Neurochemical research. 2016, 41(1): 130-143.
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