Custom Glycoside Synthesis

Custom Glycoside Synthesis

Many advances in glycobiology have increasingly revealed the crucial roles of glycosides in biological processes. CD BioGlyco is committed to providing our customers with optimal synthesis solutions to custom synthesize high-quality glycoside molecules, which can accelerate their research in new drugs and new materials.


Glycoside structure covers the surface of all cellular organisms, the ubiquitous throughout nature of glycoside suggests its extensive functions in biological systems, such as influencing function and stability of cells and enzymes, acting as recognition motifs in cell identification, as well as function in the field of health and immunity. The demand for the synthesis of defined glycosides is gradually rising with the increasingly growing knowledge of the crucial roles of glycosides.

At present, the synthesis of glycosides mainly consists of chemical methods, enzyme methods, and the combination of two methods. The chemical synthesis method of glycosides is well developed but requires numerous protecting group strategies to avoid side product formation. Among the biocatalysis strategies, a kind of genetically engineered glucosidase lack of hydrolytic activity enables the selective synthesis of glycosidic in high yields. In addition, reports of other effective methods such as in situ generations of donor molecules have greatly expanded the repertoire of glycosylases.

Mechanisms of different types of glycosidases. Fig.1 Mechanisms of different types of glycosidases. (Thuan, 2013)

Synthesis Methods

CD BioGlyco is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive customized glycoside synthesis services at high quality and competitive prices. The services we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Chemical synthesis method of glycoside using glycosyl halide, orthoester, trichloroimidate, thioglycoside, peracetylated sugar, glucose, and phosphate derivatives as glycosyl donors.
  • Enzymatic synthesis method of glycosidic structures utilizing the different glycosynthase enzyme variants, focusing on the transfer of the most common galactosyl-, glucosyl-, mannosyl-, xylosyl-, fucosyl-residues and of whole glycan blocks.
  • Modification of glycoside structure according to the specific need of clients’ research and project development.


  • Glycosidic modification of natural products
  • Optimization of pharmacological activity of drug molecules
  • Discovery of new type carbohydrate drug

Advantages of Us

  • High purity and selectivity
  • Professional technical guidance
  • Efficient, reliable, and cost-effective

As a leading provider in a wide range of custom syntheses, CD BioGlyco has extensive experience in glycoside synthesis through chemical or enzymatic synthesis methods. We have the confidence to provide a comprehensive custom synthesis service to meet clients’ specific needs for research and project development in terms of glycoside synthesis. If you are interested in our synthesis services, please contact us directly for more detailed information.


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