Glycan Phosphorylation Inhibitor Development

Glycan Phosphorylation Inhibitor Development

Glycan Phosphorylation Inhibitor Development at CD BioGlyco

Phosphorylated glycans are derivatives of glycans prepared by structural modification of the phosphate group by specific chemical methods. Phosphorylation of abnormal glycans, instead, does the opposite. At CD BioGlyco, we provide thoughtful glycan phosphorylation inhibitor development services.

  • Glycan phosphorylation inhibitor screening service
    Excessive glycan phosphorylation affects the normal immune response of the body. Based on the structure of phosphorylated glycan, we synthesize groups with similar nucleophilic properties to the phosphate group, which participate in the phosphorylation reaction of competing glycans, and thus inhibit the phosphorylation of glycans.
    First, we perform high-throughput screening (HTS) on a library of compounds based on the structural characteristics of the phosphorylated moiety. HTS utilizes automated rapid testing of thousands to millions of samples to validate compound activity at the model organism, cellular, or molecular level, screening for small molecule compounds with phosphorylated moieties.
    We then add the screened small molecule compounds to cellular models as well as animal models and evaluate the inhibitory effects of these compounds on glycan phosphorylation by techniques such as flow cytometry.
    Finally, collect compounds with good glycan phosphorylation inhibition ability to establish an inhibitor library. And screen the glycan phosphorylation inhibitors in this library that meet the client's research needs.
  • Glycan phosphorylation inhibitor bioactivity assessment service
    We offer luciferase assay and RNA sequencing techniques to assess the inhibitory potency of inhibitors.
    We offer flow cytometry techniques to test the ability of inhibitors to interfere with other proteins and enzymes to assess inhibitor selectivity.
    We assess inhibitor toxicity by testing cell viability and cellular defects.

Fig.1 Glycan phosphorylation inhibitor development. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.1 Glycan phosphorylation inhibitor development. (CD BioGlyco)


  • Glycan phosphorylation inhibitors are used in immunomodulatory studies of the body and in studies to maintain the stability of the body's internal environment.
  • Glycan phosphorylation inhibitors are used to improve the water solubility and mechanical strength of polysaccharides.
  • Glycan phosphorylation inhibitors can be used in the development of carriers for colon-targeted drugs.


  • We provide glycan phosphorylation inhibitor research and development services covering the phosphorylation modification of polysaccharides as well as the investigation of the biological activity of phosphorylated polysaccharides.
  • We ensure that our inhibitors are broadly available.
  • Our approach is suitable for mass production of inhibitors of glycan phosphorylation.

CD BioGlyco provides systematic and holistic Glycosylation Inhibitor Development services. Each of our experimental steps is developed by experts with many years of experience in the field and has passed quality tests. Our strong resource platform provides professional and quality assistance to our clients. We hope to be your right-hand man in the field of glycobiology. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Rao, M.R.P.; et al. Phosphorylation of psyllium seed polysaccharide and its characterization. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. 2016, 85: 317-326.
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