Disaccharide Analysis Service

Disaccharide Analysis Service

Compositions of Disaccharide

Disaccharides are two monosaccharide molecules linked by glycosidic bonds. Disaccharides act as energy suppliers for the life activities of living organisms or as raw materials for the composition of living organisms, assuming an important role in the storage or transportation of essential sugars. Disaccharides are compounds with acetal bonds between the anomeric carbon of one monosaccharide molecule and any hydroxyl group of the second monosaccharide, so more isomer variations appear. Disaccharides play a unique role in life, actively participating in various physiological activities, including fertilization, differentiation, development, infection, and immune responses. Most of these effects depend on the carbohydrate-binding activity of the protein.

Fig.1 Examples of disaccharides.Fig.1 Examples of disaccharides. (Pokrzywnicka & Koncki, 2009)

Disaccharide Analysis Service at CD BioGlyco

Glycans are difficult to determine by classical analytical techniques due to the specific physicochemical properties of the compounds. Disaccharides are connected by different configurations of the glycosidic bond, so that the same characteristic reactions are present, and more isomeric variations appear. This usually enforces the need to pre-separate the sample components. 

At CD BioGlyco, the assay we provide for disaccharide determination is based on chromatography and electrophoresis techniques. Coupling chromatography with mass spectrometry makes this technique a very powerful tool for the selective determination of many sugars in a single run. Meanwhile, we provide enzymatic assays that selectively identify the target analyte and convert it into easily detectable products, detected by relatively simple conventional assays. Our company uses advanced stoichiometry methods to calculate the data obtained from some spectroscopic techniques. We offer disaccharide analysis services including but not limited to:


  • Disaccharide analysis is applied to construct glycoconjugates that selectively localize the drug or its site of action.
  • Disaccharide analysis improves the targeting and efficacy of drugs in the brain, nerve, liver cancer, and cancer cells.
  • Disaccharide analysis also is an indicator of the rate of metabolism as well as for the control of some technological and biotechnological processes.


  • We have advanced instrumentation and customized process-oriented analytical services.
  • We provide clients with raw spectrum data and analytical reports.

CD BioGlyco provides a variety of Carbohydrate Metabolism Analysis services. We have advanced analysis methods, as well as experienced technicians, providing clients with the optimal and efficient service for their projects. We have been recognized for providing high-quality services to clients in many countries. Please feel free to contact us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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