More research focus has been placed on the structure and function of glycolipids. Carbohydrates mainly exist in the form of glycoconjugates in organisms, such as glycoproteins and glycolipids. Glycolipids are widely present in various organisms. They are composed of a hydrophobic lipid tail and one or more hydrophilic saccharides groups connected by glycosidic bonds. They are synthesized in the Golgi apparatus, and most of them are transported to the membrane to maintain the membrane bilayer structure, such as the Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, and mitochondria.

The carbohydrates on glycolipids are the most exposed structures on the extracellular surface. They are very flexible and contain many binding sites. Therefore, glycolipids not only play a role in maintaining membrane stability but also promote intercellular communication, acting as a receptor, protein anchor and signal transduction regulator, etc. Glycolipids also have some other biological functions, such as energy storage, vitamin absorption, protection, and insulation. In addition, further studies reported that cell surface carbohydrates have a significant impact on cell adhesion and substrate recognition during tumorigenesis and metastasis.

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