Opioid Receptor

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
X23-12-YM1001 Docusate sodium
X23-12-YM1061 Bevenopran
X23-12-YM1126 Trimebutine maleate
X23-12-YM1143 BTRX-335140
X23-12-YM1168 GSK1521498 free base
X23-12-YM1356 CYT-1010 hydrochloride
X23-12-YM1403 GSK1521498 free base (hydrochloride)
X23-12-YM1416 AR-M 1000390 hydrochloride
X23-12-YM1451 BMS-986188
X23-12-YM1452 BMS-986187
X23-12-YM464 MCOPPB 3HCl
X23-12-YM497 ADL5859 HCl
X23-12-YM498 JTC-801
X23-12-YM513 BRL 52537 HCl
X23-12-YM522 Alvimopan
X23-12-YM529 BAN ORL 24
X23-12-YM539 JDTic
X23-12-YM582 Trimebutine
X23-12-YM688 Cebranopadol
X23-12-YM788 ADL5747

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