Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
X23-03-YW112 Sialylglycopeptide
X23-03-YW113 A2G2-Peptide
X23-03-YW114 A2-Peptide
X23-03-YW115 A2[3]G2S1-Peptide
X23-03-YW116 A2[6]G2S1-Peptide
X23-03-YW117 A2[6]G1-Peptide
X23-03-YW118 A2[3]G1-Peptide
X23-03-YW119 SGN
X23-03-YW120 A2[3]G2S1-Asn
X23-03-YW121 A2G2-Asn
X23-03-YW122 Neu5Gcα(2-6)-N-glycaN-Asn
X23-03-YW123 A2-Asn
X23-03-YW124 M3-Asn

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