High-Throughput Glycan Screening Using CE-MS

High-Throughput Glycan Screening Using CE-MS

The Application of CE-MS in Glycan Analysis

Capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry (CE-MS) is an analytical method that combines CE and MS. CE is based on the migration of charged molecules in an electric field, allowing for separation according to charge and size. It offers advantages such as high resolution, short analysis time, and minimal sample requirement. On the other hand, MS converts compounds into ions and utilizes a mass spectrometer for ion separation, detection, and analysis based on their m/z ratio. By combining the high separation efficacy of CE with the sensitivity and specificity of MS, CE-MS finds applications in bioanalysis, drug metabolism research, environmental analysis, and other fields. CE-MS is also crucial for studying pharmacokinetics and metabolite identification. It combines the separation capability of CE with the structure identification capability of MS, enabling the examination of drug metabolic pathways, identification of metabolite structures, and determination of metabolic kinetic parameters.

High-Throughput Glycan Screening Service Using CE-MS at CD BioGlyco

CD BioGlyco is committed to providing high-quality and reliable high-throughput glycan screening to help clients achieve better results in their research and development process. We offer efficient high-throughput glycans screening worldwide using CE-MS and utilize the advantages of CE and MS to separate and identify complex glycan mixtures, including glycan modification analysis and structure identification. Our screening process is as follows:

  • According to the characteristics of the glycan samples to be analyzed and the types of modifications, the appropriate capillary material, buffer system, pH value, ionic strength, and other conditions are selected to achieve effective separation of glycans in CE.
  • Pre-treated glycan samples are injected into a CE system and separated by applying an electric field.
  • The glycans separated by CE enter the MS section for detection, which provides information on the structure, molecular mass, and ionic characterization of the glycans.
  • By analyzing mass spectrometry data and comparing databases of known modified glycans, the type of glycan modifications and structural information about the glycans are determined.

Flowchart of high-throughput glycan screening using CE-MS.Fig.1 Flowchart of high-throughput glycan screening using CE-MS. (CD BioGlyco)


  • Glycan vaccine development
  • Glycemic biomarker research
  • Glycan drug development and evaluation

Advantages of Us

  • The smaller sample size required
  • Shorter analysis time
  • A first-class platform for glycan biomarker discovery

CD BioGlyco provides a high-throughput glycan screening service based on CE-MS with professional technology and advanced instruments. We hope to help you screen glycan molecules that match your research goals as quickly as possible. If you would like more information about our services or have any questions, please contact us for more details.


  1. Bunz, S.C.; et al. Capillary electrophoresis/mass spectrometry of APTS-labeled glycans for the identification of unknown glycan species in capillary electrophoresis/laser-induced fluorescence systems. Analytical chemistry. 2013, 85(21): 10218-10224.
This service is for Research Use Only, not intended for any clinical use.

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