Oral Rehydration Salt Analysis Service

Oral Rehydration Salt Analysis Service

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With many years of experience in Pharmaceutical Analysis, CD BioGlyco delivers thorough and precise analysis services for oral rehydration salt, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its properties. Oral rehydration salt, also known as oral rehydration, is utilized to replenish electrolytes and relieve dehydration caused by diarrhea. This disease can cause severe dehydration, and it's crucial to address fluid loss effectively. Oral rehydration salt is widely employed to restore lost fluids and electrolytes, helping to prevent life-threatening dehydration.

We provide a wide range of analysis services for three distinct types of oral rehydration salts.

  • Oral rehydration salt powder (I)
  • Oral rehydration salt powder (II)
  • Oral rehydration salt powder (III)

We thoroughly analyze the substance on the content determination, identification, examination, and appearance.

  • Content
    Oral rehydration salt is a dry mixture that comprises sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and dextrose (anhydrous) or optionally, sodium citrate (anhydrous or dihydrate) or sodium bicarbonate.
    • Assay for inorganic substances
      Therefore, we perform testing to determine the contents of these inorganic substances mentioned above by atomic absorption spectrometry.
    • Assay for dextrose
      We employ multiple techniques, including HPLC and mass spectrometry, to determine the content of dextrose in samples, ensuring high accuracy of the data.
  • Identification
    Various analyses of samples will be performed to provide our clients with multiple assurances. We conduct the identification of oral rehydration salt, ensuring that it meets the following requirements:
    • It successfully passes the flame tests for sodium and potassium.
    • It complies with the testing standards for chloride.
    • In the presence of sodium bicarbonate, it dissolves with effervescence, and the resulting gas meets the requirements of the bicarbonate test.
    • If it contains sodium citrate, it meets the criteria of the citrate test.
    • If it contains dextrose, a few drops of the solution are added to hot alkaline cupric tartrate TS. The formation of a copious red precipitate of cuprous oxide indicates the presence of dextrose.
  • Chemical and physical properties
    We will conduct some other analyses of the substance, including testing its pH, loss on drying, density, and other indicators. Stability, an important item, will also be analyzed to ensure the quality and performance of a product under different environmental conditions. By conducting stability testing on the sample, we will help clients assess the stability of the sample under various temperature, humidity, and light exposure conditions to predict its performance during actual use.

Fig.1 Oral rehydration salt analysis at CD BioGlyco. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.1 Oral rehydration salt analysis at CD BioGlyco. (CD BioGlyco)

Publication Data

Journal: Current Gastroenterology Reports

IF: 4.57

Published: 2004

Results: This study describes the development and significance of oral rehydration salt solutions in the management of acute gastroenteritis. It highlights how the understanding of intestinal Na ± glucose cotransporter function during diarrheal illnesses led to the development of oral rehydration salt solutions, which are vital for preventing and treating dehydration in cases of acute gastroenteritis. Additionally, authors mentioned the research into newer formulations of oral rehydration salt solutions that may offer additional benefits, such as promoting intestinal healing. The study also covers guidelines for the effective use of oral rehydration salt in managing acute gastroenteritis and short gut syndrome.


  • With years of expertise in glycobiology, we offer a perfect solution for analyzing oral rehydration salts to ensure thorough and precise services.
  • We provide a wide range of analysis services covering three distinct types of oral rehydration salts, including üoral rehydration salt powder (I), oral rehydration salt powder (II), and oral rehydration salt powder (III).
  • Utilizing techniques such as atomic absorption spectrometry, we accurately determine the content of inorganic substances present in oral rehydration salts, ensuring high-quality analysis results.

CD BioGlyco possesses various advantages and highlights that set us apart from the rest of the industry, making us unparalleled and outstanding. Please feel free to contact us and engage in further discussions with our research team.


  1. Sentongo, T.A. The use of oral rehydration solutions in children and adults. Current Gastroenterology Reports. 2004, 6(4): 307-313.
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