Fungal Lectin Production Service

Fungal Lectin Production Service

Fungal lectins belong to the family of carbohydrate-binding proteins with no enzymatic activity. Fungal lectins are widely found in different species and are a class of Natural Lectins. CD BioGlyco provides fungal lectin production services and includes lectin localization, biochemical properties, and activity assays.

Fig.1 Roles and potential applications of fungal lectins. (Varrot, et al., 2013)Fig.1 Roles and potential applications of fungal lectins. (Varrot, et al., 2013)

Fungal Lectin Production Service at CD BioGlyco

Fungal lectins play a critical role in biology and there is a great need to produce, isolate, and characterize lectins of fungal origin. Our company has accumulated many years of experience in Lectin Production Services. The services we provide include but not limited to:


Paper Title: A comprehensive phylogenetic and bioinformatics survey of lectins in the fungal kingdom

Journal: Journal of Fungi

IF: 5.724

Published: 2021

Results: The GalNAc-specific H-type lectin was found to be involved in self-/non-self-recognition responses in invertebrates. We determined its sequence in the fungal genome, which is about 30%. Fungal lectins also change according to the different living environments and ways. Fungal lectins living on rotten wood were significantly higher than those in symbionts and pathogens. Through multiple genomes from the MycoCosm database, 33,518 fungal lectins were predicted for 63 different lectin classes. Some new lectins have useful applications in biotechnology or as antiviral compounds, and the MycoLec database makes it easy to mine new lectins.

Fig.2 The 3D structures of fungal lectins. (Lebreton, et al., 2021)Fig.2 The 3D structures of fungal lectins. (Lebreton, et al., 2021)

Applications of Fungal Lectin

  • Fungal lectins mediate host recognition necessary for ectomycorrhizal symbiosis and interfere with fungal growth and development.
  • Fungal lectins are used as a potent marker in the development of inflammatory and cancer drugs. Because many fungal lectins bind with high specificity to glycoconjugates on the surface of human cells.
  • Fungal lectins play a role in collective defense, protecting reproductive structures from other animals through immune activity.
  • Fungal lectins produce soluble lectins involved in host recognition and are capable of triggering signaling pathways leading to lung inflammation.
  • Fungal lectins specifically bind oligosaccharides on the surface of cancer cells and are efficient tools for diagnostic drug delivery.
  • Highly specific binding properties of fungal lectins as an effective tool for analyzing glycomics and immunology.

CD BioGlyco provides reliable, high-purity natural lectin isolation and purification services from three main sources: Plant, Animal, and fungal. In addition, we also provide Recombinant Lectin Production services. We have a professional technical team and multiple glycobiology platforms to ensure product and service quality. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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