Recombinant Lectin Production in Different Expression Systems

Recombinant Lectin Production in Different Expression Systems

With the development of genetic engineering technology, the heterologous production of lectins from different organisms has become a good choice. Both the organisms produced and the properties of the lectins to be expressed vary from one exogenous expression system to another. CD BioGlyco has provided Recombinant Lectin Production service for many years and has rich experience and a professional team to help clients quickly solve puzzles.

Recombinant Lectin Production in Different Expression Systems at CD BioGlyco

The heterologous production of lectins has the advantage of providing better yields as well as more uniform properties. But in the choice of the expression system, it is crucial. Each system has its advantages, and improper selection of the expression system may result in structural changes and biological activities being affected. Understanding the site of lectin synthesis may be the most important issue for successful heterologous expression. At CD BioGlyco, we summarize the advantages and scope of each system and combine data through analysis to help clients determine the best service in each case.

Why Choose Recombinant Lectin Production in Different Expression Systems?

  • Production of recombinant lectins using genetic engineering has the advantage of providing a single protein with higher yields.
  • The yield of recombinant lectin expressed by different systems is much larger than that obtained by purified extraction, which meets the needs of large-scale. In addition, interference from other impurities is avoided.
  • Producing a single product with specific properties through recombinant technology, solving the problem of separating isomers.

Applications of Recombinant Lectin in Different Expression Systems

  • Recombinant lectins have anti-tumor, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-insect activities.
  • Recombinant lectins have great potential as cancer biomarkers and show significance in combination with pathogenic tissue sections.
  • Recombinant lectins serve as cancer prognostic and diagnostic tools, meanwhile, recombinant lectins play a role in conducting lectin histochemical studies in primary tumor sections.

CD BioGlyco has a professional technical team and a first-class platform to provide clients with Lectin Production Services. We offer several models of heterogeneous production systems to meet the needs of our clients. Please feel free to contact us.


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