Lectin Buffers

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
X23-02-ZQ308 Amaranthus caudatus lectin (ACL) mitogen solution, Tassel flower (Inca wheat)
X23-02-ZQ310 Arachis hypogaea lectin (PNA) mitogen solution, Peanut
X23-02-ZQ326 Artocarpus integrifolia lectin (AIA) mitogen solution, Jackfruit
X23-02-ZQ331 Bauhinia purpurea lectin (BPL) mitogen solution
X23-02-ZQ345 Concanavalin A (Con A) mitogen solution, Jack bean
X23-02-ZQ356 Datura stramonium lectin (DSL) mitogen solution, Jimson weed
X23-02-ZQ376 Erythrina cristagalli lectin (ECL) mitogen solution, Coral tree
X23-02-ZQ384 Euonymus europaeus lectin (EEL) mitogen solution, Spindle tree
X23-02-ZQ394 Glycine max lectin (SBA) mitogen solution, Soybean
X23-02-ZQ427 Lens culinaris lectin (LCA) mitogen solution, Lentil
X23-02-ZQ450 Maackia amurensis lectin I (MAL-I) mitogen solution
X23-02-ZQ456 Maackia amurensis lectin I+II (MAL-I+II) mitogen solution, Amur maackia
X23-02-ZQ461 Maackia amurensis lectin II (MAL-II) mitogen solution
X23-02-ZQ473 Musa paradisiaca (BanLec) mitogen solution, Banana
X23-02-ZQ479 Phaseolus vulgaris lectin E (PHA-E) mitogen solution, Red kidney bean
X23-02-ZQ484 Phaseolus vulgaris lectin E+L (PHA-E+L) mitogen solution, Kidney bean
X23-02-ZQ491 Phaseolus vulgaris lectin L (PHA-L) mitogen solution, Red kidney bean
X23-02-ZQ499 Phytolacca americana lectin (PWM) mitogen solution, Pokeweed
X23-02-ZQ503 Pisum sativum lectin (PSL) mitogen solution, Garden pea
X23-02-ZQ526 Sambucus nigra lectin I (SNA-I) mitogen solution, Elderberry bark

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