Diglycosylceramide Analysis Service

Diglycosylceramide Analysis Service

CD BioGlyco provides accurate and sensitive diglycosylceramide such as dihexosylceramide (DiHexCer) analysis services for global clients in various samples by mass spectrometry (MS). If you have a method development requirement for the diglycosylceramide, please feel free to contact us.

Overview of Diglycosylceramide

Sphingolipids are a class of lipids containing a sphingosine backbone. They were first discovered in the brain in 1884 and are found in animals, plants, fungi, some prokaryotes, and viruses. They have a long-chain fatty acid attached to one end and polar alcohol to the other, with "head" groups ranging from simple hydrogens to more complex species. Sphingolipids are widely present in the cell membranes of eukaryotes, especially in the central nervous system. Sphingolipids and their metabolites are an important class of active molecules, which are involved in many important physiological processes such as cell growth, differentiation, aging, and death. In addition, sphingolipids also play an important role in many diseases in humans, such as inflammation, infection, cancer, mental illness, and immune diseases.

Fig.1 General structure of sphingolipid.Fig.1 General structure of sphingolipid. (Castillo, et al., 2016)

Diglycosylceramides are a type of sphingolipid consisting of a ceramide backbone attached to a neutral/non-acidic disaccharide "head" group such as lactose or galabiose. They exist in most eukaryotes and some bacteria. Diglycosylceramides not only participate in the synthesis of sphingolipids but also have many important biological functions.

Functions of Diglycosylceramide

Diglycosylceramides, especially lactosylceramide, play a role in biological processes. Lactosylceramide is a precursor of many other glycosphingolipids and is a very important organic molecule. It acts as a second messenger and protein receptor. Many cellular processes rely on lactosylceramide as it is a substrate for the neutral oligosaccharide ceramides, sulfates, and gangliosides. Lactosylceramide also helps stabilize lipid membranes, activate receptor molecules, and act as receptors for certain bacteria and toxins. In animals, it is expressed in neutrophils and macrophages. There it binds to toxins and bacteria, which are then engulfed and eliminated.

Diglycosylceramide Analysis Service

Due to the important role of diglycosylceramide in physiological and pathological processes, it is necessary to quantify accurately and sensitively diglycosylceramides in samples. At CD BioGlyco, we have developed a complete solution for sphingolipid analysis. We provide high-sensitivity, high-resolution, high-precision, and reproducible diglycosylceramide such as DiHexCer analysis services for our global clients by Q Exactive Orbitrap-MS. Our analysis range is 1) Total length from 30 to 46; 2) Total double bond from 0 to 2; 3) Total hydroxyl number from 2 to 4. We also offer method development services according to your specific needs.

Advantages of Us

  • High sensitivity and high resolution
  • High precision and reproducibility
  • Method development service
  • Experienced scientist

CD BioGlyco has been specializing in lipidomics research for many years and has developed a complete one-stop solution for lipidomics analysis. We are willing to share our knowledge and experience in this field. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details without any hesitation.


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