Recombinant Lectin Production Service

Recombinant Lectin Production Service

Lectins are a complex class of proteins with one or more non-catalytic domains. It is highly specifically recognized glycans and has the ability to agglutinate cells. Natural Lectins are widely found in Plants, Animals, and Fungi. Recombinant lectins are based on conventional recombinant DNA techniques for the cloning and production of pure and sequence-defined lectins. CD BioGlyco provides services related to recombinant production to help clients gain insight into the complex biological mechanisms of interaction.

Recombinant Lectin Production Service at CD BioGlyco

Currently, hundreds of lectins have been identified in detail, and recombinant lectins are being developed as valuable biosynthetic tools. Combined with multi-biological platforms, lectins are produced by recombinant technology. Optimize lectin production in heterologous hosts, and achieve highly efficient heterologous protein production. This greatly improves the application of lectins in biotechnology. For the production of recombinant lectins in heterologous organisms, we provide corresponding Recombinant Lectin Production in Different Expression Systems. Our lab mainly provides the four expression systems:

The service provides higher levels of lectins with higher purity and defined amino acid sequences so that more control over the final properties will be achieved. Our team of experienced scientists helps you choose the most suitable protein expression system for your specific application, depending on the properties of the protein itself.

Furthermore, we provide the following several glycan-binding lectin production services. These lectins show both specificity and high affinity for a series of glycan epitopes displaying terminal galactose and mannose (including high mannose structures).

Mannose-binding lectin (MBL) belongs to the C-type lectin family and plays a defensive role in the body. We offer α-MBL and α-Mannose, Lewis a (Lea) & Lewis x (Lex)-Binding lectin production services.

Sialic acid-binding lectins (SABLs) have binding properties to N-acetyl groups or N-glycidyl carbohydrates. We provide high-purity α2-3-Linked and α-Linked SABL production services.

Fucose-binding lectin has a high affinity for fucosyl and galactosyl. It plays an important role as a cancer biomarker. We offer high specificity α-linked fucose-binding lectin production services.

Why Choose Recombinant Lectin?

  • The recombinant lectin yield is high and meets the demand for small and mass use.
  • Transgenic lectins with specific properties are obtained using recombinant technology.
  • Recombinant lectins do not need to be purified heavily and are not contaminated by other biomolecules.
  • Recombinant lectins do not have to worry about the change of binding specificity caused by the origin of raw materials.
  • Recombinant lectin production is suitable for rapid and efficient production of agglutination of a subform of high purity.

Applications of Recombinant Lectin

  • Recombinant lectin is used in combination with the fluorophores to characterize the carbohydrates on the cell surface.
  • Identification of cell surface carbohydrate glycans using lectin microarrays has proven to be a valuable tool for glycomics, with recombinant lectins expanding the detection power of the lectin chip.
  • Functionalized recombinant lectins are involved in the development of both direct and indirect lectin drug delivery systems.
  • Recombinant lectin-mediated targeted therapy is a novel site-specific antitumor therapy.
  • Recombinant lectins serve as affinity tags in the fusion constructs to facilitate the purification of the recombinant proteins in a heterologous host.

CD BioGlyco is a leading biology company in the world, providing clients with comprehensive Lectin Production Services. Our professional technical team is available 24 hours online to help clients complete the project quickly. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about the production of lectin.


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