Bioactive Compounds

Bioactive Compounds

Bioactive compounds are a series of substances that displays potential properties in diverse physiological processes. Generally, animals, plants, and microorganisms are the main sources of partial bioactive compounds. These bioactive compounds are also produced by chemical or biotechnological synthesis. They show a wide range of physiological properties and are essential in the research focus areas such as cancer, stem cell, neuronal signaling, and immunity. CD BioGlyco is the world's leading supplier of bioactive compounds. We provide plenty of high-quality bioactive compound products for global clients to investigate their effects in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetics industries.

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
X22-05-ZQ001 7-O-Methylbaicalein
X22-05-ZQ002 Nystose
X22-05-ZQ003 Quercetin-3-O-D-glucosyl]-(1-2)-L-rhamnoside
X22-05-ZQ004 Silybin A
X22-05-ZQ005 Acanthopanaxoside B
X22-05-ZQ006 L-Theanine
X22-05-ZQ007 D-Pinitol
X22-05-ZQ008 Lecithin
X22-05-ZQ009 Deoxycholic acid
X22-05-ZQ010 Hyodeoxycholic acid
X22-05-ZQ011 Cholic acid
X22-05-ZQ012 Xylitol
X22-05-ZQ013 Fumaric acid
X22-05-ZQ014 Tartaric acid
X22-05-ZQ015 2,5-Dihydroxybenzoic acid
X22-05-ZQ016 Glucosamine sulfate
X22-05-ZQ017 Citric acid hydrate
X22-05-ZQ018 Succinic acid
X22-05-ZQ020 Nonacosane
X22-05-ZQ021 Phytol

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