Protein Kinase C (PKC)

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
X23-12-YM002 Ruboxistaurin
X23-12-YM005 Delcasertib
X23-12-YM008 Ingenol mebutate
X23-12-YM009 (-)-Indolactam V
X23-12-YM010 GF 109203X
X23-12-YM011 Roy-Bz
X23-12-YM013 Ro 31-8220 mesylate
X23-12-YM015 Prostratin
X23-12-YM016 GO6983
X23-12-YM021 NH125
X23-12-YM023 Valrubicin
X23-12-YM025 12-O-Tetradecanoyl phorbol-13-acetate
X23-12-YM028 PKC
X23-12-YM029 [Ser25] protein kinase C
X23-12-YM032 TAS 301
X23-12-YM049 PKC-IN-1
X23-12-YM050 NSC305787
X23-12-YM052 Ruboxistaurin hydrochloride
X23-12-YM055 BJE6-106
X23-12-YM058 PKC-theta inhibitor 1

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