Glycomics Platform

Glycomics Platform

Currently, more and more researchers are focusing on the development of glycobiology, which is not surprising considering that at least half of all proteins in organisms are equipped with glycans chains. These glycans are involved in many physiological interactions and directly or indirectly affect cellular functions. In glycobiology studies, understanding the precise glycan structures, the structural variability of glycans, the attachment sites of glycans to proteins, and the degree to which these sites are occupied is very necessary to study their functions.

In recent years, along with the deepening of genomics and proteomics research, various advanced biomass spectrometry and biochemistry techniques have been developed to provide scientists with reliable analytical tools, which is helpful to obtain more detailed information on glycoconjugates and their glycan chains structures. CD BioGlyco is dedicated to developing a one-stop service in the field of glycomics, from glycan release, separation, and purification, glycan derivatization to glycan characterization and quantification services, providing customers with scientific assistance in the field of glycomics.

Fig 1. General glycomic strategies.Fig.1 General glycomic strategies. (Cummings, 2013).


Advantages of Us

  • Stabilized and unified analytical platforms
  • High analytical throughput
  • High-sensitivity analysis
  • Detailed report containing experimental procedures and results

CD BioGlyco has high-tech analysis equipment to provide one-stop service in terms of glycomics for clients. We have supplied professional technical services to thousands of enterprise customers and established long-term cooperative relations. We have accumulated lots of successful experiences in the field of glycomics services. Please feel free to contact us to obtain further information.


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