Aurothioglucose Analysis Service

Aurothioglucose Analysis Service

High-quality Aurothioglucose Analysis with Reliable Results

Aurothioglucose (C6H11AuO5S) is a derivative of glucose. CD BioGlyco has professional analysts to provide clients with standard Pharmaceutical and Biological Analysis services. Our lab provides various Pharmaceutical Analysis services such as Anticoagulant Citrate Dextrose Analysis and Dextrose Analysis. We mainly provide two types of analysis services including aurothioglucose analysis and aurothioglucose injectable suspension analysis.

  • Aurothioglucose analysis
    • Identification
      Our researchers use thin-layer chromatography (TLC) to identify aurothioglucose. First, a standard solution of aurothioglucose is prepared as A. Take trace amounts of A and aqueous standard aurothioglucose solution spot on the TLC glass microfilament pieces. Then, display in a solvent system containing a mixture of n-propyl alcohol, water, and ethyl acetate. Finally, we examine the spots under ultraviolet (UV) light waves and provide correspondence between the radio frequency (RF) values of the measured solution and the standard solution.
      In addition, we judge the presence of aurothioglucose through the presence of heavy and white precipitation observed by adding barium chloride to part of the filtrate.
    • Specific rotation
      We provide accurate specific rotation measurement service. Our company is very concerned about the reliability of the data, so we repeat the test many times and average the rotation value.
    • Loss on drying
      We use the phosphorus pentoxide dried sample for 24 h and test for loss of weight.
    • Content
      We detect the weight of gold in solution through a series of operations such as quantitative dissolution, addition of nitric acid, boiling, filtration, rinsing, drying, and ignition. Then, we calculate the weight of C6H11AuO5S in the portion of aurothioglucose taken.
  • Aurothioglucose injectable suspension analysis
    • Identification
      We analyze aurothioglucose injectable suspension by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Our researchers mix aurothioglucose injectable suspension, ethyl acetate, and water, centrifug the supernatant, and use liquid phase separation.
    • Bacterial endotoxins test
      We provide aurothioglucose sterility tests to analyze endotoxin units.
    • Content
      We calculate the weight of C6H11AuO5S in the portion of injectable suspension taken to pass the test for the gold content by adding acetone and nitric acid.

Fig.1 Schematic diagram of aurothioglucose analysis service. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.1 Schematic diagram of aurothioglucose analysis service. (CD BioGlyco)

Publication Data

Technology: Molecular modeling, Electrostatic potential energy, Infrared spectra

Purpose: Study the molecular structure of aurothioglucose

Journal: Tetrahedron

Published: 2015

Results: In this work, researchers comprehensively analyzed the molecular structure of aurothioglucose with the help of efficient computational chemistry methods. Researchers design various aurothioglucose-related models such as monomeric aurothioglucose, and dimeric aurothioglucose models, and calculate their conformations. The structural and spectroscopic data were analyzed to select the optimal aurothioglucose conformation.

Fig.2 Superimposed infrared spectra of the complex. (Karabulut & Leszczynski, 2014)Fig.2 Superimposed infrared spectra of the complex. (Karabulut & Leszczynski, 2014)

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  • We have a professional analysis team and reliable data processors to provide accurate data analysis reports for our clients.
  • Our analysts have in-depth experience in industry analysis and meet all the needs of our clients.
  • Our professional and talented team helps clients solve all the problems encountered in the analysis and provides customized analysis services.

CD BioGlyco provides fast, efficient, and accurate pharmaceutical and biological analysis services. Our company provides high-quality services to many clients, including scientific research institutions, and biological companies, and demonstrates our strong strength. Please feel free to contact us.


  1. Karabulut, S.; Leszczynski, J. Molecular structure of aurothioglucose: a comprehensive computational study. Tetrahedron. 2015, 71(12): 1815-1821.
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